Friday, December 5, 2008

Obama Friday

Thanks for all the love on the Obama Friday posts. I'll keep 'em coming.

So I know you already know cause YBF, Bossip and reported it, but check out the new double cover of Essence. If you look regal up in the dictionary, you might find Michelle Obama FOLLOWED by MY President, ya heard me!!!

Barack announced his defense team, naming Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Watch it below.

What you say, Mr. President? Keep your friends close and your enemies... ah nevermind. I am disappointed that she said she would stay in the senate and NOT be involved in Obama's cabinet the day after he was elected. (You ain't got to lie to kick it!)

BUT I'm all about this display of unity and if Mrs. Clinton was qualifed to run the country, she should be able to handle this post. PLUS a bunch of her supporters supported Obama so hopefully this will shut them up, so they can get to work and stop blowing steam about MY President!

My President's got jokes.

Some chick I've never heard of from Florida also thought he had jokes, but he wasn't playing this time.

And now... prepare yourself for cuteness!!! (I dare you not to cry)

Malia Obama Gallery

Sasha Obama Gallery

P.S. I took a half day every Friday in December, so I'm too happy today. After 12:31 p.m. CST you can find me at the crib (or a fine retail location on Michigan Avenue)!!!


Reese said...

i hate you, a half day every friday in december! but hit me up to where you shopping...i may fall on thru for some ignorance

T said...

@ Reese, I'm not doing heavy duty shopping. Contrary to popular belief I am not ballin'. I'm going to H&M and Forever 21, maybe Macy's. Maybe. I'll text you when I leave. P.S. You haven't posted on Reeseisms in forever...

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I HEART the entire OBAMA family!!! :-)