Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long Comment: Public Schools

For the Tea & Such readers, Kismet posted this, we had some comments, then Boogie posted this, some more comments. My comment was too long for their comment section, so here's the response.

For the non-Chicagoans, I think that it's only fair to say SOME suburban schools were more like private schools, but the suburb I'm from did not have good public schools. Real talk, a majority of guys I went to grammar school with are in jail or dead. (You heard about the shooting at Door 21 in 2006, homeboy from grammar school.) I digress. I was in the honors program in my "suburban" grammar school, but I still struggled as a freshman at an "inner-city" magnet school to get a 2.8 (yes, I had a horrible G.P.A. freshman year, don't judge me).

I went to a city magnet school because the private schools in my area were either lacking college prep course or were lacking black folks. Either/or. It still baffles me that you could charge $4-5,000 a year and not offer college prep course. They called them life-prep courses. i.e. they're getting you ready to get married and have babies.

Anyway, in that respect the "inner-city" public magnet high school Kismet and I went to was more like a private school than the "suburban" high schools I should have went to. Let's be for real, it's not urban and suburban. It's money and no money. White and black, but I don't even think I'll be able to get into that on this post.

@ Boogie, I feel you so hard on doing your part, but my mother worked for the suburban high school district that I was supposed to go to school in. We lived on the borderline so I had my choice of two subpar schools. One was infested with GDs, the other with Latin Kings. They both had high pregnancy rates and the district was riddled with corruption. I worked there over the summer and it was a shit show to say the least.

My mother would call me crying saying she found out one of her students was homeless or two of her students got shot on the way home from school and the district issued a statement saying "The students were not shot and killed on school property. They were walking home." WTF district?

So yeah, I wasn't allowed to go to school there.

Mom couldn't even make any changes from the inside. In order for our kids' public schools to be good, we have to be in the faces of the administrators now. Now meaning years and years before our kids go to school to promote changes before our kids go there. What usually happens is people don't pay the schools any attention until they are getting ready to have kids go to school there and by that time it's too late.

Since I'm not the biggest proponent of public schools I can't see myself being involved in public education reform right now (years and years before I have shorties) when there are so many other issues that I hold near and dear to my heart that I'm doing work on. So it's like I want to get fired up about it, but I just can't.

I'm also not a big proponent of city living once I have kids. I grew up in the suburbs. They're great for raising families (no knock on the city). I'm all about just moving to a better neighborhood with better schools (city or suburban), lifestyle pending (LOL).

Last, but certainly not least. T will be a career woman OR a housewife who does charity work, but T will not be homeschooling rugrats. And if you homeschool your rugrats, please believe T's Maury Povich time is sacred and she will not be having any field trips for your homeschooled rugrats at her fabulous crib. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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