Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hi Hater

I must say, I'm a little disheartened by what I'm about to say. The past 11 months I was so busy volunteering for the Obama campaign and being nervous and praying and donating and talking and convincing and persuading and registering voters and getting out the vote that I thought the negative rhetoric I heard about Obama's chances of being the President from one specific source was out of true concern, both for Obama and the state of our great Nation.

Now that he's won the Presidency, this one specific source, has become a voice of dissention. And not a normal, let's watch the President type of dissention, a he-doesn't-deserve-it type of dissention. An unreasonably and unnecessarily negative pre-assessment of someone who hasn't even completely picked a cabinet yet. To someone who's official first day doesn't start until 1/20/09.

Guess what folks, so called INTELLIGENT and so called POWERFUL and so called POLITICALLY MINDED BLACK MEN are dry hating on Barack Obama.

Now, BLACK MEN LOVE to talk about how catty women are in general and especially black women. They think the cattiness of women puts them a cut above our gender. Well, lookie-here, lookie-here. The tables have turned and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disgusted.

BLACK MEN: I'm baffled at your feeble attempts to appear to be concerned with the state of the Union by skeptically, negatively and dare I say jealously engaging in and putting forth unwarranted rhetoric and criticism about the nations DULY elected President elect... MY President... The American-born, college-educated, black-wife-having, wait let me repeat that BLACK-WIFE-HAVING, basketball-playin, Nike-wearin, hyde park-living-in, Italian Fiesta-eating President of these here United States.

I cannot effing believe you, BLACK MEN. You've been racially profiled, you've struggled in the system, against the system, some of you work for the system. You've watched your neighborhoods ruined, buried your cousins, brothers and friends after drive-bys and some of your have even made a decision to mentor or give back to your failing communities in other ways. You've watched as other races have blamed you for your own demise, conveniently forgetting how you got to where you are (or in some cases where you aren't).

You knocked, banged, poked, prodded and sometimes busted bricks through glass ceilings. You've come as far as you've gone back and you've been negatively and unfairly targeted and treated time after time after got damn time.

AND now, as the leadership of the very nation in which you live, sleep, eat and breathe and have been oppressed in [whether or not you pledge your allegiance to it] is about to turn to a man who has more in common with you than any other President has EVER had and NOW your job is to question him? Now, your job is to remind ME and all the "awed" supporters that he's not our savior. It's now your job to ask all the political questions? It's now your job doubt a Black man who won by a landslide in a racist nation? *insert seriously perplexed face* Now, after all these years and all the injustice you've endured alongside this black man, he achieves greatly and RIGHT HERE? NOW? TODAY? NOW you've got shit to say?

**Tapping BLACK MEN on their shoulders** Could we be dealing with some SERIOUS self-esteem issues?

All these years, you've hypocritically looked down on sistahs for lacking unity. But now, given your stank ass attitude it's leading me to believe that perhaps, you're EXACTLY the same way [which is a bad thing]. Perhaps, women have achieved faster, so the negative effects of achievement [jealously and envy] sprung up quicker. While sisters have been wearing our negative self-esteem on our shoulders, you've been keeping it hidden waiting for a black man to come along and do better that you're doing. And now that this black man has achieved you're starting to let your self-esteem issues come to the forefront.

And now that this Black man has dreamed, hoped, achieved (and, oh yeah, got a helluva lot of votes), maybe you're feeling like he's taking away from the fact that you've yet to achieve what you've wanted to achieve. Or his achievements outweigh your own. Or maybe even you feel like his acheivements diminish yours.

It seems that your self-hate of what slavery and racism has done to you [not your fault, btw] has made you so bitter that you don't want any one black man to achieve lest we all forget this country's history.

Well, BLACK MEN, I've got interesting news for you. Black women are still going to hold you down, despite your misogyny and disloyalty to us. The legal system is not going to give you fewer years, the white women are not going to stop clutching their purses on the elevators and cops are not going to stop pulling you over. NO ONE WITH ANY SENSE IS SAYING THAT. And if you think by holding Barack Obama up, we somehow think he has a magic wand to singlehandedly change the world, you're wrong.

All that we are saying is that Barack Obama has achieved a wonderful accomplishment. Can you put your selfish feelings of inadequacy to the side for a moment to congratulate the brother (Jimi Izrael et al)? Can you see the good in this situation before you go around trying to educate me on what I should and shouldn't be posting in my blog (Torrance et al)? Can you keep your ignorant ass comments to yourself [especially while miked up on FOX news] long enough to give the man a chance to stand up or fall down (Jesse Jackson, Sr et al)? Can you acknowledge that he did something that you can't do (or even if you can do it, something you haven't done yet)? (All the rest of you haters)

All I'm saying is give props where props are due... DAMN!


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

When I hear people talking like that, I truly feel the shock of it all hasn't yet sunk in, they are happy they just don't know how happy they are as yet so while they are figuring it out, they are talking out loud and irritating everyone around them.

ThummyB said...

Well...Tea. Tell 'em how you really feel.

While I have noticed a bit of the hateration, it hasn't been the great majority. Indeed most black men that I have spoken to are heavily in support of Obama, which is great. It seems like a few are casting a long shadown over the many.

NaturallyAlise said...

Hmph. I have encountered some folks like that myself, and it kills me that so many still have that mentality that aids in our oppression, we are divided and therefore will continue to be in a perpetual state of being conquered... le sigh...

*and yes jimi izrael grinds my gears, grrrrrr, and i used to be a fan.

TatooTuesday said...

Ahhh yes. Again a platform for me to be REAl, I love it. I love Barack Obama. Like man-love, brotherly love. I've never met him in real life but I will tell you this: if Obama told me he needed me to be Secret Service for him and risk taking a bullet for him, I'd do it. NO hesitation.

But what I have struggled with is the "Jesus Christ Superstar" persona handed down to him by some black women. I've heard from so many women "I need my Barack." (I've also heard from many men, where's my Michele but that is a different topic.) As a black man I'm tired of this god-like persona. I had one girl tell me I can official denounce all rappers and singers I like because Barack had accomplished more than all of them combined. I've even had one chick tell me that a man like barack would never cheat on his wife. I'm not saying if he has or hasn't will or won't... But there has been a huge part of our society that acts as if Barack walks on water and they treat other black men as if he can walk on water you can too. All around the country I've seen and heard men educated and not so educated echo this statement. I've seen and been one of these men myself... Men have been talked to as if their goals, aspirations or life plan isn't good enough because he has no desire to be Barack.

I believe this is something women can't identify with because men don't have one of those. They don't have this universal beacon to compare all women to. If Oprah were fine maybe, we would do it. But I guarantee you that men, wouldn't throw the accomplishments of another woman in the face of other women. We were raised better than that.