Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily Hair Regimen/Styles

First I guess I'll talk about my daily/weekly hair care regimen, then I'll show you some pics and how-tos of my hair at the bottom. As I haven't even completed a full year of being completely natural, this is a learning experience for me too.

Daily Wash (In the spring/summer/early fall)
Wet hair, saturate with olive oil, (don't rinse the olive oil out) condition with Burts Bees Raspberry & Brazil Nut Conditioner, rinse conditioner.

Daily Styles
Curly fro - wash, then towel dry hair, put a dollup of Miss Jessies Curly buttercreme throughout my hair. Tie back with a head band.

Curly bob (below) - wash, ring water out of hair with hands, then saturate with IC Fantasia Gel, then shake my head like a crazy person (like headbanging Britney Spears crazy), then DON'T TOUCH IT. Yes, it drips all over the place, but I take public transportation (so I'm standing outside with the Chicago wind for about 10 minutes daily) and in the summer it dries up pretty fast.

Beginning of April '08 (below)

End of April '08 (below)

June '08 (below)

July '08 (below, the front was braided. Thanks Mom!)

August '08 (below)

September '08 (below)

This is actually enough for today. I'll put up the weekly regimen and more styles tomorrow.


Reese said...

whats with the smiley faces T? i love the fact that you post everyday (almost LOL) i need to get back disciplined....cool post though, hope the ladies like this

T said...

There are a bunch of reasons for the smiley face anonymity (I'm thinking about going back to put smiley faces over all my photos on the blog), vanity (my eyebrows weren't right on all these shots), but most importantly it's because I'm silly and because I wanted folks to focus on the hair, not on my upclose and personal facial imperfections.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You're beautiful, let your bloggers see your lovely face!! :-) But I do understand, you want to solely focus on your which is nothing short of fabulous!!! I'm telling you, one of these days I'm going to just do it and go natural!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

oops, I left out the word "Hair" in the previous comment. :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Love the hair shots and I too need a big old smiley face for my blog....
thanks for the great hair pics.

Southside_Superstar said...

LMFAO @ the smiley faces!!!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

cute face...lol...you hair looks really nice, I like the curlies.

kay* said...

to get a really great soft curly fro i'll wash (well, i don't generally wash my own here but when i do want the style i'll wash it) and do a quick towel dry. then i'll come it out and put big braids in it. then i'll go back through each section and dry a bit more carefully while applying moisture to the scalp. then do some medium sized two-strand twists and let air dry (this is best left overnight) then the next day when you undo the twists you have the most fabulous, bouncy, big, softish curls. my fave!

kay* said...

oh yeah! you've got some cute hair :)

Cris said...

LOL I was more focused on the smiley faces, I don't even remember the hair styles, LOL

for real. You are really motivating me to go ahead ad drop my weave and wear my fro, LOL. I have been so scared to rock it. You know the whole corporate world and people saying stuff about "US" being to "ethnic". So I am still trying to find a way to ease it in.

T said...

I'm not sure where you work, but it has been a non-issue at my job. I switch my hair up so much that people didn't even notice the afro. It was like, oh, that's another one of T's styles.

And people are less ignorant than they used to be about black hair textures. I bet you wouldn't be the first sister wearing a natural style at your place of business.

Just check the code of conduct about head wraps and the like. I think if your hair is neat, no one can really say anything to you about it.

Don't be scurred!