Thursday, December 4, 2008

Compilation of Quotes

These have been building up in my drafts. Enjoy.

Yes, We Can
- Democrat to her republican co-workers anytime they asked if something could be done on November 5th. (true story)

Republican Boss: Can we see the TQS reports by 3 p.m. today
Democrat homie on November 5th: Yes, we can.



CQ doesn't care about your "essence." Use some deodorant.
- CQ, via facebook status


After seeing your avatar you strike me as they type of girl who'd get a tattoo of yourself.
- TattooTuesday


I didn't know educated girls got down like that. I thought you all just got dressed up to go over each other's houses and discuss the paper. Me and my friends just read the comics and cut out the "Love Is" section. You all actually read the newspaper articles.
- Big Sis, surprised on how cool my friends are


Me: Hello
Big Sis: Where you at today?
Me: Philly
Big Sis: Oh. I thought you were in the Bahamas
Me: That was last week
Big Sis: DANG!
Me: Don't hate
Big Sis: I'm trying little sis, but you make it real difficult not to hate. I'm just sayin'



Mrs.Young_fashion said...

BIg sis seems funny, lol @ CQ and Yes, we can.

How did you like the Bahamas, did you stay on Paradise Island? Did you get a chance to eat the locals food in Nassau?

T said...

@ Mrs. YF, I've been to the Bahamas 3 times, 2 cruises and 1 direct trip. I actually went twice this year, once in March (for work) and once in July for a friend's wedding.

I've made stops in Nassau, it's always the port of call. We stayed on Paradise Island for the wedding.

I LOVED it. The food was great, but I don't know if we were dining on local cuisine or just plain good food because I was on the cruise ship twice and at an all-inclusive hotel the other time. I can't remember, but it was good.

I was in Miami on my way to the Bahamas when I wrote my very first blog post.

PyT said...

LOL @ Yes, we can. That may have to be the quote of '08 (followed by My President is Black).

kay* said...

i've heard such good things about bahamas - how beautiful it is. lucky you!

Reese said...

Uh, why doesnt reese have a quote in here, i know ive given you TONS of ignorance and other things over our time of reconnection, i think im hurt

Southside_Superstar said...

Im with reese, we talk at least 3 time a week. I almost get you fired at least 6 time a week, how the hell can I not have a quote? I gave you at least 12 yesterday!!!!

Southside_Superstar said...

I really do feel shorted!

T said...

4S, I have a WHOLE post dedicated to quotes you said. Chill out.

Reese, I don't know why I don't have any quotes from you, but this isn't even a tenth of the funny stuff I hear. This is just the stuff that I remember to write down, the stuff that'll still be funny after I write it down AND the stuff that's not to vulgar.

I got you in the drafts...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok that "yes we can" section had me cracking up. One of my co workers literally played the theme song to the Jeffersons- moving on up..... I was in my office like hummmm what do I hear?????? could it be? oh no she didn'