Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: Year In [abridged] Review

January: Started volunteering for the Obama campaign on the day we observed MLK's bday. (Bishop Smith said MLK's bday is a day on, not a day off and I was obedient.) Emily got married.

February: Cut off the rest of the perm in my hair and rocked a curly fro! I really think I stayed in the house this entire month except for Game Night at B's because it was stupid cold in the Chi.

March: Created Tea & Such. Paid off and closed credit card 1 of 6. Went to Miami and the Bahamas (for work), met Patti LaBelle.

April: There was an earthquake in Illinois. Had the best girls trip EVER to Phoenix (for me and Jenn's bday). Lauren got married.

May: Went to Dallas, Charlotte, Houston and Atlanta for work. Started my second job. SATC movie came out (it was amazing per expectations).

June: I worked my tail off. P's bachelorette party. Barack Obama is elected as the democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States of America.

July: Paid off and closed credit card 2 of 6. Went to the Bahamas for the best Group Trip/Destination Wedding EVER: R&P got married. Family Reunion in Milwaukee.

August: Stepfather's 50th bday surprise party. (I really don't think anything else happened this month)

September: Paid off and closed credit card 3 of 6. Quit my second job. Realized I missed the whole damn summer. Gary got married. AntP got married. Won tix to a Bears game.

October: Went to Michigan and Indiana to campaign for Barack Obama. Went to D.C. for HU homecoming. Murder rate in Chicago is sickening, my girl's ex-bf died on a motorcycle, some other heavy real life ish... called and made peace with a bunch of folks.

November: Went to Indiana to campaign for Barack Obama. Went to Grant Park to participate in history on 11/04/08. Cried like a baby because MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!! Bought my plane ticket to inauguration 1/20/09.

December: CAMR holiday party. The IL governor is an embarassing proceeding hairline having dummy. PRSA holiday party. Guth's holiday party. Got sick. BPRS/NABJ holiday party. Day job holiday party. M&B's housewarming/holiday party. R's annual bday party. Got better. D, T, S, K & P's NYE party.

Mentally, physically and financially prepared to let 2009 make 2008 look like a mediocre year (when 2008 was clearly spectacular).

LET'S GO 2009!!!


PyT said...

This is a great run down of your year. Gotta make '09 even better!

kay* said...

really great run down. i'm thinking of going to inauguration as well but am not sure yet - it's going to be jam packed with millions of people and i don't want to be in the back of the crowd...

ThummyB said...

What is a proceeding hairline?

T said...

@ thummyb, I was watching some show and a comedian was talking about Blago's hair. He was saying how most people his age have a receding hair line and his hair is proceeding on his forehead instead of receding.

That ish was funny TO ME!

b.enchanted said...

T, You had a great year! I'm in the process of getting another game night going right now- not as crazy as the last one though!

b.enchanted said...

Oh, and seeing as how I've spent the last year NOT reading your blog, my 2009 will be filled with catching up with your older posts. You write as ridiculously funny as you talk, and that makes me smile.

T said...

@ B, I'm all about game night!

AND I'm so glad you're enjoying the posts. Hopefully this will get you through some slow work days.