Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tristan Wilds

Hey, lil cutie!

I love this little 19 year old boy!

In case you haven't seen him, he was in The Wire, now he's on 90210 and he had a significant role in Secret Life of Bees (Please go see that if you haven't already).

P.S. I see everyone from The Wire is doing the damn thing! I see you, HBO, putting black folks on the MAP!


Paris said...

Um, yeah. He's one of my secret crushes. Total cutie pie and great actor. He's trying to get his singing career started (Youtube search him), however I think he should just perfect his acting..he may have an Oscar one day.

And oh yeah, I hate that The Wire never won any awards, as much as critics used to claim "it was one of the best TV shows of our time." But glad to see everyone doing it...especially my baby daddy Idris (I heart him!)

Southside_Superstar said...

T, The wire was loosely based on the West Side...LMAO!!! HA HA HA

T said...

4S, the west side is JUST like Roseland and I'm from the suburbs. Tell a friend. :P

WiZ said...

no offense.....but i'm more handsome

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I watch 90210 every Tuesday night and he is such a sweetheart in the show, you can't help but think he is that way in real life.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey T
I feel like I haven't been over here in forever. I love the new design.
I saw the Secret Life of Bees and enjoyed it. I would have never guessed this young man's age, he looks younger to me. Also since he was playing opposite Dakota I figured he was around 15 or so.
Have a great week.

antithesis said...

he's a little cutie. never seen the wire (i know, shoot me). i dont really care for his character on 90210 but im all so diversity and the grandmother's outlandish comments so i enjoy him in that respect.