Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tea's Travel Tips

So you know your girl travels A TON. One day I'm going to write down all the cities I've been to. It's overwhelming just thinking about it. Anyway, I have knowledge that I recently realized the less-frequent traveler does not possess. Usually this knowledge serves to piss me off while at the airport being held up by casual travelers who can't believe they can't take a half bottle of scope from the house onto the plane...

Anywho, here are my Top 10 travel tips. I could probably do another one of these, but this is it for today.

10. Try not to check bags. Not only does it slow you down, but now every airline except Southwest charges about $15 a bag. An extra $30-$60 on top of your flight costs is not a good look.

9. Print out your ticket the night before your flight. Actually 23 hours and 59 minutes before your flight is best. You'll have better opportunites for good seats and you can completely bypass the wack lines at the airport.

8. Reading is fundamental. If you couldn't print out your ticket beforehand, DO NOT subject yourself to those long lines just because you don't know how to use the self-check or because you've never done it before. Read those simple instructions, check yourself in and be on your way to your gate.

7. Always buy plane tickets with credit cards (not debit cards or cash or check). If the airline goes belly up (ATA anyone) you can work with your credit card company to get your money back. If you paid cash you're assed out.

6. If you put a gate check ticket on anything, whether you gate checked it or not, the airline is responsible for that bag.

5. Buy a few extra of those $5 double shots on the plane. You never know when you might need to trick out a drink on vacation, a work trip, babysitting (joking...joking).

4. Use farechase.yahoo.com to find the absolute cheapest flights. I haven't found a better site and I fly a lot. It has nearly every airline except Southwest.

3. Wear some Obama flare to the airport. Even in Texas you'll get mad love from the TSA, flight attendants and all the passengers if you have on an Obama t-shirt or button.

2. Keep a travel journal. There's nothing like experiencing new places and things and the way you remember in retrospect will be completely different from how it feels at the time. When you get a free moment write down the thoughts you have about the trip (or put it in a blog draft immediately), so you never forget the feeling.

1. Wear a different fragrance every time you go to a different city. When you wear that fragrance at home, it'll remind you of the city you were in. It's a heavenly experience.

Please feel free to add your tips too!


Reese said...

always have ur ipod, cause you may be next to someone who does NOT know how to shut up....

good tips T im gonna use these

ThummyB said...

I love # 1 and #2. I'm going to start doing that...esp. #2.

I would add...
- Select a seat on the aisle and near to the front of the plane for quick and easy departure...esp. if you have a close connection.

- If you're a frequent flyer, then don't be afraid to ask the gate agent about free upgrades. They often have to do this when coach is overbooked, so it doesn't hurt to have a friendly conversation with them before hand.

- Research your company's frequent flyer program. Many companies will cover membership to an airline club/lounge or even a more premium company card (i.e gold Amex rather than corp Amex) if you fly over a certain # of miles per year.

- Always, always join the airline frequent flyer program and collect points for your flights...no matter how infrequently you fly.

- Take lots and lots of pics.

- Try to experience the new city both as a tourist and as a native. Sometimes the best food/shopping/scenery is off the beaten path where the locals go.

- If you can...take a friend. This one is tricky b/c some friends can fluck up the whole experience. However, for the most part...my most memorable experiences have been shared with someone else.

antithesis said...


no, really, i love it. too bad i'm not going anywhere in the near future. i will refer back. chicago is still on my list of places to visit.

Paris said...

-Try to pack shoes that you can match with multiple outfits. I know it's hard for us ladies, but I've found that I typically only end up wearing the same 1-2 pairs through the duration of the trip. It helps with excess packing (and saves room if you decide to buy more shoes, lol).
-Pick up a good read. I've found that I'm able to catch up on current events and entertainment news or a good book while on flight.
-If trying to stick to a budget while traveling, try to take out the amount of cash you wish to spend before you leave. This way you know if you can or can't splurge on certain items.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Awesome post!!! I hardly ever check bags!! I was toooo sad when ATA went belly up! They had the best deals to/from CHI/NYC. Great idea about the travel journal!! I'm going to try it!

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

GREAT post!! I' actually gonna use these. I am going on Farecast.yahoo after I'm done typing.