Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tea's Tangents: Canvassing Edition

What's up folks, I just got back from canvassing in Michigan City, IN today and Indianapolis yesterday. Here's a couple of random things on my mind.

1. I just got an update from the campaign that my ticket for the rally on Tuesday WILL be sent to my email inbox tomorrow. PURE EXCITEMENT! However, I don't know if I want to go or not. The thing is, it gets cold in Chicago at night. Now it's supposed to be 70 on Tuesday and 61 at night, but that hawk is no joke, even in the 60s. I REALLY want to be a part of history, but I also want to be healthy for the rest of the winter. Decisions. Decisions.

2. Quotes from the NAP:

Dude Screaming: 1A 1A
Me and Kel: What?
Dude: 1A
Me and Kel: Quiet confused looks on our faces
Dude: You mean you didn't early vote? You know 1A is Barack Obama.


I was thinking no this dude did not just cat call us while we're canvassing for Barack Obama with Barack Obama's punch number. I was so threw.

But then

Other dude: AY, come back
Me & Kel: Sorry, we gotta get to the rest of these houses
Dude to Kel: I just wanna take you out for a fish dinner or something.

Um... bruh man. We know he wasn't talking Tilapia, Grouper or Salmon. This fella was talkin' fried catfish, (perch if you're special) with a lil cup of cole slaw and two pieces of Wonder bread and hot sauce (they don't even have mild sauce in the nap). Um... can I voluteer in peace?

3. The headquarters were jumpin' tonight! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate, volunteer or at the very least make sure EVERYONE in your family knows their polling place and the laws in your respective state to vote. (They vary from state to state). This is the most serious matter and we're down to the wire, no time for BS-ing. Every little bit helps and you want to be able to say you did everything you could to ensure a Barack Obama victory. So hop to it homies!

4. I haven't been to the gym since like... well nevermind.

5. My 19-year old brother who lives in Florida and is registered to vote there, refuses to vote. I sweated him on his facebook page. I had my grandma call him. I'm tempted to reach out to a little hoochie at his college to see what that could do, but I'm spent. If you know ANYTHING that has convinced someone to vote (who doesn't usually vote), please let me know. I'll try it.

And having the first black democratic presidential candidate isn't quite enough for my little stubborn brother, so please don't say that.

I think that's it for now. I'm going to go rest and try my damndest not to watch the political pundits. They cook my grits.


6. Poor Mike Brown. This dude can't stay healthy for a full season EVER. He's like that little kid in school who came from a dysfunctional family. You'd like him to be on your dodge ball team, but you'd never know if this kid was gonna come to school or not.

7. It's gonna be 74 degrees in Chicago today. That makes me very happy since it was 34 degrees in Chicago this time last week.

8. Isn't my new avatar the cutest!?!?! I'm absolutely in love with it. Mainly because it's a cartoon version of me, but you know big ups to for making it possible. LOL!


Reese said...

Dude to Kel: I just wanna take you out for a fish dinner or something.

thats ladies man classic right there! next he was gonna offer you some covorsier cognac

"I'm tempted to reach out to a little hoochie at his college to see what that could do, but I'm spent."

doing somethin strange for some CHANGE!!!!1


kay* said...

geez - i'm totally perplexed as to why you're brother would not want to vote...why anyone would not want to vote? seriously, that has me trul baffled....and YOU need to go to that rally on tuesday! history in the making!!! you gotta go - dress warm...layers are your friend :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

get it off your chest - 74 in atl today too

i think bruh is pusing your buttons lol

Paris said...

Maybe send your brother this video....

T said...

@ Paris. Thanks girl. I sent it to him already and he said if Obama loses by one vote, I can blame him and he's ok with that.

If you look up teen angst in the dictionary, his photo is probably there.

Cris said...

LMAO at the fish dinner. Wow! At least dudes offer to take you out to dinner again. I mean some of them don't even want to offer dinner anymore.

There was a lot of excitement at the sites. I mean people were just talking away on their cell phones helping people understand how important it was to get out and vote and what this election means. I remember being hyped about my first elections (Bush/Gore) but it was nothing like this.