Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question of the Weekend: Bears Games

Why are there so many noon games on the Bears schedule this year? Is it coincidence? Is it based on last year's rankings? Is it how FOX or CBS or whoever else feels at any given moment?

This schedule sucks! I have to get up and go to 8 a.m. service at church every Sunday in order to watch these games. It's too cold out here for this nonsense. Can we bring the mostly 3 p.m. schedule back.

P.S. @ TT, don't come in here hating on my Bears (unless you answer the question a seriously first).


TatooTuesday said...


I don't know why the Bears have so many noon games. Honestly it pisses me off too because I work Sundays. Even though I am not a fan, I enjoyed watching Bears games every Sunday with the fellas and the "Wives Club." It was fun.

Also let me address the Bears hate that you say I give out. It is not as bad as it seems. I dislike the Bears because I feel like our ownership/management doesn't make the necessary steps to put a Super Bowl caliber team on the field year after year.

I feel as though Chicago Sports teams in general (White Sox, excluded) feel as if we'll sell out the game and they'll make a profit regardless. While Chicago fans stick with their teams through thick and thin, it is actually just ownership padded their pockets.

But overall, I like the Bears and they're players... But it is fun being the Bad Guy!

Paris said...

Yeah it does quite suck, because I can't ever seem to get up for 8am service, no matter the situation. However, I really do miss hitting up Junior's, Larry's crib, etc for the 3pm and later games after getting in my Word at 11:30 service! But even if you don't make it to church, more than likely you're sleeping in the night before and trying to rally people together for a noon game can be quite difficult unless those plans are made days before...ugh!

Brothers Blog said...

I dont know the answer to that either but luckily I have no sunday priorities except watch football. lol. my bro and I went to see yesterdays game in st. louis. and are trying to make it to next weeks in minnesota. which just so u know is a night game so u wont miss any of the action.