Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama Friday

It's that time again, Obama Friday!!!

This news clip is a must-see. ABC 7 Chicago is doing big things with Michelle Obama.

TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS! I'm gonna explode.

Did you miss the Obamas on 60 minutes? Watch it here.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Have a fab weekend!


WiZ said...

seriously....this is really cute. the first black (still cant believe Lindsay lohan referred to Obama as colored) family is so darn cute.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i hope we can get over the awe and handkle what we need to in our community - cause we act like he a savior

T said...


*eye roll*


You are "officially" unwelcomed @ Tea & Such, please pack your pessimstic self-rightous things and leave.


Reese said...

lol @ T, let the brother say what he wants, we all know this it a "T"ocracy but go easy, i have a lot of those feelings as well, cause he got a BIG job in front of him and its getting worse and worse everyday

T said...

@ Reese, get it right, this is the Republic of Tea. but I can't go easy on the brother for several reasons:

1) Nothing I said indicated that I thought Obama was a savior.

2) Nothing about this posts says I don't "handle what I need to in my community."

3) If I want to be in awe of the President elect of the United States of America, I can be. AND EVERY FRIDAY I'm going to be in awe of him and his family [hopefully]

4) I don't know even this dude and he's being reckless.

5) Last and certainly not least, people need to show some respect. Tea & Such is my virtual home and I've been disrespected by this cat twice in MY SPOT. I respect everyone's opinions (not that I have to), but tactfully and respectfully presenting them are key and that hasn't happened. From the comments this doesn't seem like someone who wants to engage in healthy dialogue about the state of the Union. This seems like someone who's purpose is to disrespectfully come into my spot and ruffle feathers.

Mission accomplished.

*holding my door open like Martin Payne*

Now he can get ta steppin'

Reese said...

well, i got a room in the house and i aint jeopardizing my spot so ill gracefully bow out