Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack Obama Said...

From Barack Obama to my email inbox. All emphasis is mine.

T --

We're just one day away from change.

Election Day is tomorrow -- Tuesday, November 4th.

We've asked you to do a lot over the course of this campaign, and you've always come through.

Right now, I'm asking you to do one last thing -- vote tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know votes, too.

When this campaign began, we weren't given much of a chance by the pollsters or the pundits.

But tomorrow, we can make history.

We've made it this far because supporters like you never stopped believing in your power to bring about real change.

Take the final step now.

Watch the video, find your polling location, and get everyone you know involved on Election Day:
With your vote, and the votes of your friends, family, and neighbors, we won't just win this election -- together, we will change this country and change the world.

Thank you,


(This man is about to be the President and he's still signing his first name. I LOVE IT!!! YES WE CAN!!!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, gotta vote McCain. Really tried to understand Senator Obama's point of view but was shocked at his New Party membership along with so many other things that never added up. Man, I would love for everyone to have a college education, free healthcare, etc... look at the October 1996 update for the New Party. Plain as day. What people don't understand is that your rights are taken away little by little, never in one fell swoop. And yes we can thank President Bush for taking away some of those as well. I could go on and on about how Senator Obama holds ideas that go against everything this country stands for. He will win, though. Just remember when your 401k is seized by Polosi and Reid. But you want to be taken care of, right? look up the sub committe hearings on the possible government take over of your 401k. Americans can't be trusted to invest? We are all so upset that the market has tanked we should have the government fix it! Look up the transcripts. It is all there. Little by little. God, I wish Bill Clinton could be our president. Really, I wish that. Workers Unite! Good day commrades!

Cris said...

Wow some people are still clueless. So I see your "reasons" to not vote Obama but no reasons that you should be voting for McCain. Just shows that many of our people (Americans) are still ignorant.

Anyway, I got that email too. I was all excited like he was sending it to me personally from his PDA, LOL. I also loved the signature. It was so personal not even Barack Obama, just Barack. That is so cool.

Que.P said...

I use to cringe at the sound of ppl referring to him as Barack. But when I realized he signed his emails as such (I got this email too), my thoughts changed. Even as President elect (he sent another email this morning) he refers to himself as Barack.