Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea's Top 10: WTF moments at HU Homecoming 2008

Homecoming fodder is almost over and we have a surprise guest entry coming up real soon, so please keep tuning in for the madness.

So to recap: Here are Tea's top 10 WTF moments from HU homecoming.

10. The misuse and abuse of leggings.

9. 'Ol boy trying to charge our girl $20 to get into the club, when he let us in for the free... uh... naw playa. (And she wasn't ugly either, before you bring that up as a defense)

8. The seafoam green tights fiasco.

7. "Watch out for the big girls" coming on at the club and skinny girls, like myself, getting dirty looks from the big ones.

6. People stepping on me at the club and not saying excuse me, turning around and looking at me like they were going to do something because they stepped on MY shoe, then realizing I was NOT. ON. THAT with them. I swear at parties in Chicago, no matter how crowded, people don't bump into each other like that.

5. No one at the club having any pull. DC peeps are the most clout-free folks I've ever met. Everyone pays everywhere, no hook-ups at all. Um... ri-dic. I can appreciate Reese, Marques, Tate and anyone else who ever let me in the club for free, put me on a list or bought me and my girls a round that much more now. These dudes in DC need to step it up.

4. The prepaid ticket line and the regular ticket line being the same damn line at "The Park." What in the hell did I just pay for online, if I have to stand in line with err'body else. Wackness.

3. Being confined to the third floor at "The Park." You can't go up. You can't go down. Just have fun on the floor you're on... um... ok.

2. Everybody swooning over "The Park" when it was just a suped-up lounge. It was a nice lounge, but the crowd made the place, not the other way around. It just looked like a nice seafood restaurant (It might have been a seafood restaurant). I guess for someone who's never been to a nice seafood restaurant, it's "that deal."

1. Me and my girls almost getting into a fight with a grown man, him pouring his drink on us (majority on me) and security at Love holding ME back, while this grown cock diesel dude proceeds to walk away.

(Please believe I'm going back next year though! I haven't had this much material since All-Star weekend in Vegas '06. If I had been blogging back then, you all might be in new careers by now [after having lost your job from laughing hysterically the ridulousness we witnessed])


Paris said...

@#9: And he was my frat. :-/ Bogus!
@#5: Def appreciate Chicago scene..I've even had the 432 guys look out a few times. But from what everyone says, it's HU Homecoming weekend...what does that mean to me?
@#3: So wack! What's the point of having 4 floors if people can't venture to them.
@#2: It's supposed to be the new LOVE :-/

Paris said...

And oh yeah, you should have added one about DC transportation. First the bus fiasco and then the cab driver who didn't turn on the meter :-/

Reese said...

im retiring from throwing club sets (lol as i am about to send out something about thanksgiving) when i get a crib, im all about the gathering....chuuuuch

ThummyB said...

Awww man. Vegas back in the day was HI-LARIOUS. Q and I were on the plane at 8 in the morning going, "I can see right now...this is about to be some buuulshyt."

Cris said...

I am still tripping on number one. That was some real bitchassness.