Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea's Top 10: Best Things about HU Homecoming 2008

And to balance out the WTF moments from homecoming, here's all the good ish from two weekends ago.

10. Going straight from the airport to the club on Thursday night (We get it in).

9. Vitamin Water.

8. Alphas steppin' on the yard. (Don't you love culture?)

7. A new homie telling us to "come into the fold." (You probably had to be there for that one.) Same new homie also said: "Baby girl, I feel how I look." Conceited ass!

6. Seeing a "My President is Black" t-shirt being sold on the street. I didn't grab it, but I will be rockin' that to the gym if I see it again.

5. The McDonalds on campus which mirrored the White Castle on 79th and South Shore/Stony Island.

4. The beginning of the party bus (when I was still sober-ish)

3. P saying to a wack dude: "You need to get up... Immediately." when he sat next to her on the party bus.

2. Seeing Kismet.

1. Kismet being the best host EVER. Shrimp rice, salad, brownies, cookies and pancakes anyone?

And that's a wrap on HU homecoming fodder! Last day to early VOTE if you haven't already, we've got history to make!!!


Reese said...

3. P saying to a wack dude: "You need to get up... Immediately." when he sat next to her on the party bus.

done and done

Paris said...

@#10: Ah yes. Talk about determined to have a smashing good time the whole weekend.

@#7: He had so many quotes that weekend..including the first night "You need to get to know me." Lol...

@#4: Fun times indeed.

@#3 & Reese: Lol, I was hugged up (literally) with his boy the entire time on the bus and the minute he gets up, this cat wants to try to get on...naw homie.

@#1: Great hostess! I'm definitely hitting Kismet up if I'm ever in the DC area again :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh that McDonald's was at HU!!! I thought it was in Chicago! LOL!!

I wish I had gone to an HBCU :-(

Seems like so much fun!

Kismet said...

Yay!!!!! Definitely come back! Mi casa es su casa! #3? Straight gangsta. I absolutely adore it. And I feel like that is something that would come out of my mouth. Along with, "Don't Touch Me."