Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tea's Tangents: Saturday Morning Edition

I haven't done one of these in a minute. My mind and heart are all over the place right now... here goes.

1. Please pray for my sister and her family. They had a horrible apartment fire and lost nearly everything. Thank God everyone is alive and well.

2. A recent study/report came out naming Chicago the most stressful city to live in in America. I didn't disagree then, but given Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother were found dead in their south side home, I wonder what everyone else thinks now. Please pray for Jhud's and her family too. Chi-city IS my city, but it's a got damn shame. Given how I'm feeling right now, I'd seriously consider moving to the country.

3. Why do the Bears have so many noon games this year? Is it because we sucked so bad last year. I would really like to go to church THEN watch the game. The Bears are making it uber difficult.

4. Speaking of church, I'm going to AFC's 8 a.m. service tomorrow and I'm going to BBC's 7 p.m. service. I'm trying to get it in!!! LOL!

5. My girl's ex died in a motorcycle accident last week. He was 28. Life is SO precious.

6. A HS aquaintance just got laid off and several of my friend's companies are laying off as we speak. You all know I love my job, but I appreciate it now more than ever. I keep bracing myself for them to tell us they're cutting healthcare or firing my admin and now I have to make all my own copies (EW!), but that hasn't happened yet. *Sigh of relief* I can't stop thanking God for all my blessings.

7. I've been judging myself like crazy lately. I know there's a better way to do better than to beat myself senseless about areas where I fall short or have made mistakes. Red or green pill, you live and you learn.

8. Completely random, but there's something about a man who takes a good photo and enjoys it that excites me.

9. My computer at home is SO slow. I'm trying to wait on that compuer credit from the job (Maybe that's what they'll cut back on). I want that MAC so bad I can taste it. I was at Kismet's crib in DC plotting on hers like oooh, this is nice.

10. I know you all have seen this video already, but please go check out the commentary on this site. I was crying. These folks are hilarious!!!

11. Peapod is being super nice lately. I got 4 free samples with my last grocery order and good stuff too. Kleenex, All laundry detergent (and a coupon), honey crisp apples and Barilla spinach and ricotta cheese tortellini... You know how I feel about free or discounted stuff. I see you Peapod, trying to keep customers happy. Mission accomplished!

12. Speaking of food, I'm about to get into the most wonderful Saturday morning breakfast. Pancakes, Sausage, eggs, fresh fruit and juice. Yeah... I gotta go.


kay* said...

my condolences and thoughts go out to your family & your girl. life IS so precious - it's a shame it take something horrific (oh gosh poor j-hud! i can not imagine...) to stop and appreciate it and those around you. when i heard that news i sent a lil' text to the guy i'm kinda sorta dating just is too short to waste precious moments you know?

on a brighter note, your bfast sounds DELICIOUS - much better than the left over piece of fried chicken i just ate...though it was tha bomb.

have a good wknd!

WiZ said...

I am malnourished all skin and bones. Can you spare some breakfast ??

I hope Jennifer Hudson is taking things easy. things like that can lead people to do bad things.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I was so sad to hear about Jennifer Hudson's tragedy. I especially felt bad because I feel a connection to all celebrities from my hometown of Chicago. I know that's crazy, but it's the truth. Although I no longer live in Chicago, from reading the papers (online) and watching the news (online) it seems like it's become the Wild, Wild West. The Southside seems to be a warzone and I'm terrified for my family all the time. I know that violence happens everywhere, but it seems like my hometown is being hit with it more than ever. It makes me never want to move back. :-(

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I will keep your sister and her family in my prayers too. It seems like there is a lot going on. I'm just so glad that everyone is alive and well!!

Que.P said...

Prayers to sis/fam. A fire is difficult to deal with , having lost everything (or even close to everything).

Prayers to friend's ex/fam. Life is too short. Get to know the Lord people!

Prayers to Jhud/fam. CRAZY how tragedy strikes. But the thing that kills me is how the media loses sight of a story. I read an article online from the LA Times that mentioned Senetor Obama 3 times in an article titled, "Mother and brother killed in Jennifer Hudson's Chicago Home." I love my future president, but uh, what the hell does he have to do with this woman (Jhud's sis) having lost her mother and brother, and not knowing where her son is or even if he is alive. Coming by word of a friend of a friend, I hear Jhud's sis is taking the event very personally, as though it's her fault. MAD PRAYERS!

Get it in with AFC and BBC!

Don't get me started on the job market. I will admit, I haven't been looking REAL hard for a job, but I interview for a position last week that pays $27,000...{very disgusted look onmy face}. I graduated from a top HS in Chgo, a top university in IL, and about to graduate again in May. How dare you offer me the same amount as an entry level factory worker with a GED. You play TOO much!

brightstarr said...

Gotta love Peapod!