Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Aint nobody tell you to wear seafoam green tights."

Background: Me, P and Chanel are on the yard at Howard's campus, enjoying the scenery, free step shows, vendors, culture and, of course, the fried chicken, fish and jerk smells (yeah, they had soul food on the yard). So we go to find a bathroom. You know err'body was sippin' on some drank on the yard (You saw yesterday's post right?), so the lines were outrageous. We find an open building and proceed to search for a bathroom minus the long line that's formed at the one-stall bathroom right in front of us.

Next thing we hear is: "YOU HATEFUL BITCHES, I'M ON MY PERIOD!"

Um... we rotate, but I end up hearing what's going on. Apparently shawty doo-wop disregarded the line of 10-12 black women and went straight into the bathroom. She was swiftly moved out of the bathroom by said 10-12 women and proceeded to lose her damn mind, cursing everyone out. So while she ran off to find another bathroom, the women in line proceeded to have a full-out roast session the ENTIRE rest of the time they were in line.

Then this one chick is like:

" 'Ol ET looking bitch (Tea's side note: she did have some wide-set Brandi eyes). Ain't nobody tell her to wear seaform green tights. I'm on my period too, but I gotta pee."

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Only at a black event at a black school, do you get free entertainment such as this. Y'all know I was the peanut gallery too. It was HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!


antithesis said...

lemme find out you was in my city COMPLETELY cuttin' up!!!! LOL!

and are we just not going to address the fact that she had on green tights??? like WTF??? please tell me it made sense.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

HILARIOUS!!! My people, my people...

T said...

Ok, so in DC everyone's wearing button-down shirts as dresses or something now. I know Carrie did it with Big's shirt on SATC, but me and P discussed this in detail and decided that Carrie didn't have any other choice. These women out here at Howard PLANNED to leave the house like that.

Given that dress code and the overall low standards that were set-up for the weekend, I'll say the girl's outfit didn't look THAT bad. She had on a white and black checkered button-down shirt with those green tights, which were more mint than seaform and probably black platform pumps.

It's like Bruce Bruce used to say: "Looks good on... YOU."

Reese said...

why was i NOT there, next trip yall have hit me up i will co-ordinate the fellahs, we will kick it and if necessary, stomp a drink throwin nigga (is the new bitch) out

WiZ said...

dang. i wish i was there. this is better than a PPV event

Cris said...

LMAO, Hey T. This is what's up.
Hilarious stuff. I tell you, my people really make me feel bad sometimes, but they are still funny.

K to the... said...

lol hilarious!

Reading "YOU HATEFUL BITCHES, I'M ON MY PERIOD!" reminds me of David Ruffin in The Temptations movie when he got fired.

"You can't fire ungrateful sons of bitches!!" lol