Thursday, October 2, 2008

Product Review: AmPro Gel

Ok, Tricia from AmPro has been waiting for over a month for me to post this. She popped up when I wrote this post. Thanks so much for the free goodies.

Product: AmPro Pro Style Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel

Now you all remember Ampro from back in the day when you used to use the brown gel to slick down your baby hair. Matter of fact, Brandy and Tyra probably still do it, but I digress.

I recently used the clear gel to maintain my wash and go style. I usually use IC Fantasia Hair Gel (tip from Kismet) to get the curls lookin' right.

Ampro is about as thick as IC Fantasia in my hand, but it's not as heavy as IC Fantasia is in my hair. I have a lot of thick unruly hair, so finding a gel that tames it is no small feat. IC Fantasia holds my hair down all day. I found that AmPro clear gel is pretty light and the look is about the same, but the feel is just too light for everyday use. (They also have berry ice and the aforementioned brown gel, but I didn't try those)

The fab thing about AmPro is that it comes in 2 oz containers (i.e. travel size). You could probably get away with one 2 oz jar for a weekend trip and 2-3 for a whole week trip. If you're traveling longer than that, you're going to have to bite the bullet, take a whole jar of gel and check your bag.

Verdict: AmPro is not IC Fantasia, but it gets the job done. If you travel a lot and are tired of sticking gel into travel size containers with a butter knife I highly recommend it. It's a sturdy little 2 oz container so I say buy a couple, try the gel ('cause everyone's hair is different) if you hate it, scoop the AmPro out and put your favorite gel of choice in it.

Have a Good Hair Day folks!

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks for the review. I remember this brand from back in the day!! I haven't used gel in AGES, but if I ever find myself needing some, I'll give this one a try!