Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Garage Sale Pics

So my mom and stepfather had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. The whole family pitched in and more importantly, we registered people to vote. There were several good moments (my sister and her kids trying to steal $1 toys, old ladies trying on really ugly stuff and liking it, everyone looking for plus size clothes -- we were selling the stuff because WE can't fit it and we're not big), but by far the BEST moment was registering a 62 year old white man who's never voted before. He'll be voting for Obama on November 4th. Yes We Can!!!

Garage Sale Goodies: What you know about floppy disks, LOL!

Mom, me and grandma rockin' that Obama gear. That's a voter registration form in my hand.

I WANTED to take a picture of this Gordon Gartrell shirt that we had out, but we sold it before I could get a photo. Womp.


P.S. Vote don't forget to vote for me [again] here.


P.P.S. Speaking of voting, I campaigned in Muskegon, MI this weekend and if those people are any indication of what the electorate in Michigan looks like Obama is DEFINITELY going to win. Yes We Can!!! Volunteer or donate today!!!


kay* said...

LMAO - what you know about Gordon Gartrell?!?!?!? Girl I am at work laughing my behind off that you sold the gordon gartrell shirt and didn't even take a picture! that was one of the best episodes! oh gosh. too funny.

LOVE that you and your fam took the initiative to register voters. good on you! and what a feeling i just had when you said this 64 year old man was registering to vote for the FIRST time for obama...yes WE can (though i'm not american...so I guess it's yes YOU can-lol)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great family photo and I admire u and your family for stepping up to the plate and taking action!! :-)