Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chilvalry... What's That?

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me several times. Please keep the party going!


Now to the topic at hand.

Folks in DC are rude. Not all the way rude, like if I'm inebriated and falling all over myself, people will help out (more on that later), but folks just bump into you with no niceties. No excuse me, pardon me... nothing.

So we're at Love. I'm getting manhandled by everyone. This one chick stepped on my shoe, then turned around and looked at me like I did something wrong. I gave her the Bernie Mac "Bust A Move" face and she swiftly retreated.

All in all, I didn't bitch about people knocking me over. I didn't even notice how irritated I was by it, until a grown ass man tried to pull it with me. My feet had been hurting for about 15 minutes, so it was REALLY time to go. We were in the doorway on the way to the stairwell to get the hell outta the club. It's completely gridlocked. All of a sudden a big 6'2, cock diesel dude starts pummeling his way through the crowd. This dude is not security.

Me: Excuse you
Dude: Stupid look on his face
Me: I'm standing right here, you need to wait like everybody else
Dude: Smirk on his face, while still squeezing past me to go nowhere but right in front of me
Me: Pushed dude off of me. I don't need his pecks on my breast or my back while I'm trying to get outta the club
Dude: Gets his bearing together than swells up like he's about to hit me
P: Snapped on this dude from behind me and was like you're not about to hit her
Security: Late on the job is pushing dude forward and pushing us back
Dude: walks down a few stairs then comes back and pours his drink all over us (mostly on me).

Now I have Tangeray smelling shit in my hair (Thank God I don't have a perm) and I don't even really remember what happened after that. I saw some girl taking photos of the altercation (a woman after my own heart I see). P swelled up on her too. I know I jumped about 5 feet from where I was standing and two security guards held me back. I know me, P and Chanel took turns holding each other back (Women always put the safety of their friends before themselves. I'm sitting here thinking "I can't let Chanel fight this grown man, he'll kill her," but then I'm thinking "But I'd whoop his ass though," LOL!).

I know I ended up in the hallway calling the security guard a punk cause he could stand up to a 5'5, 135 pound woman, but couldn't do shit about that man who poured his drink on me.

We walked out of the club so fast we forgot our coats in coat check and these security bastards (different security bastards from earlier) would not let us back in. This dude took our coat checks (while we stand in the cold) and brought us our jackets.

Love is completely different from Dream even though it's the same building. The amount of hoodness and just overall disrespect for women is baffling and disconcerting (Maybe because it was homecoming weekend, probably not). I've never appreciated the Chicago party scene more than I did that night. Don't get me wrong, we got it crackin' at the club, but that type of ending to the evening was unneccesary.


ThummyB said...

Sweet Jesus! I just felt my blood pressure spike. I am so glad that I wasn't there. Whew...you know we really are two birds of a feather b/c foolish or not (reformed or not) I don't know if I could have stopped myself from physically tackling this dude. Oh, the indignity of is making me furious at work. Then I would have burst into a flow of tears that would have sent his azz to jail for the night.

The only thing that is calming me down right now is hearing Bernie Mac say "Bust a move...bust a muthafuggin move!" LMAO!!!

antithesis said...

im so sorry about you poor experience. i have never been to love (not even when it was called dream). i still have little interest. your story reminds me of that time i was gonna fight this dude in the club. some half naked bitch was dancing like she was fully clothed and this bitch ass almost knocked me down in a crowded club to see her. i pushed him back and he got in my face like i was another nigga. all these dudes were around and didnt come to my defense but had he not backed down after it was clear i wasnt going to, i probably would have been killed. he claimed to have a gun or some mess... who pulls a gun on a female tho????

TatooTuesday said...

To be frank or is it being Dion but I must say that Niggas are the new bitches. My girl told me that awhile back. Dudes are so sensitive now. They all need to be hugged every morning and told their the ruler of the universe. Pull your skirt down fella... Here are 5 things that went wrong in this story.

1. Women need to be ready to cut or mace a nigga at all times. It is not illegal to carry a blade four inches or under. Please keep that mace or the blade on you at ALL times.

2. Dudes nowadays have no morals. No matter how you look, no matter how many times you've turned down my advances in the club, you are still my sister. A lot of dudes don't see it like that. So they won't step up and step in a dudes face if they aren't hitting that. Pure wackness. I rember I was at SIU and found out one dude I was SUPER-cool with was beating his girlfriend bloody. I didn't find out until after he left but as soon as I found out he might be coming down for homecoming we were gonna have a conversation. Dudes as weaklings nowadays.

3. Bullshit Security. I love East St. Louis clubs. They have security that actually look like security. You don't pull shit in there unless you wanna rumble with some old American Gladiator Steroid looking dudes. And I love that. I hate when security is the Party Promoters recently paroled uncle. Who ain't tough and carries no pistol, which means nobody in the club fears him. When dudes fear security they act accordingly.

TatooTuesday said...

I only put three, my mind wandered off.

TatooTuesday said...

Oh yeah.

4. I wish the goons would've been there. We get it cracking.

5. If I was a dude in the club and I would've seen that. I would've tried to set it off just for the brownie points alone. I might not have gotten anywhere that night, but please believe I would've at least gotten the number.

T said...

@ tattootuesday, We were tripping so hard about how at NO club in Chicago would this have gone down. We later met a homie from NYC who was like "the problem was y'all weren't there with some dudes y'all knew."

Dudes we know or not, in the Chi, this dude would have gotten molly-whopped by security plus a few good licks from dudes we don't know (who were trying to get on) and a back-alley ass whoopin' from the dudes we DO know.

I encourage any men from the DC/Baltimore area to please stand-up for your region and your gender, y'all in here looking like some weak broads.

Paris said...

Tattootuesday @ #1: The fact that they wouldn't even let us take chewing gum in the club (something about people spitting in on the floor-so basically means you have to have foul breath the whole night), I doubt that we would've ben able to bring the spray. However, both T and I thought about taking off our shoes and whacking dude...mine were buckled on and fly, and hers were just too fly to waste on that Baltimore cat ni99a...(yes, I'm convinced he was probably some wack dude from Baltimore).

Reese said...

the hell? im sorry i would have sent it right on up in there, im mad as hell

Southside_Superstar said...

Well T, you know how Tattootuesday and I get down, as evidence I present the text message I got that night and phone call I got the following morning. Had we been there along with any know member of The Goons dude would have gotten his ass stretched out! I Chicago he would have been slapped by another nigga in the club for having the unmitigated bitchassness to THROW A DRINK on a woman. I have personally slapped nigga for MUCH less! I really pissed because I miss all the good shit!

Southside_Superstar said...

...And to address all the other BITCH ASS niggas int he club who sat back and watched this happen. I have no words, the more I hear shit like this I'm so glad im from where I'm from and outta town clowns respect it! What kinda nigga watches another nigga swell up at a woman. Once again WHY DO I MISS ALL THE FUN!

Southside_Superstar said...

...Ohhh yeah TT is correct Niggas are teh new bitch...Tea we have had this talk already. I just wanted to stress that point.

Que.P said...

It's crazy how this gender thing goes. I call it a "gender thing" because I'm sure this dude thought he was being a man. He probably whoops on his woman at home, makes her delete her myspace pages and all kinds of mess like that. My heart goes out to him and to the women who fall victim to the effects of his lo self-esteem. Victims like Kloe Barrett and Nailah Franklin, both killed in Chicago last year by some weak nigga like this who couldn't handle a woman standing up to him. Crazy. Insane.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you had such a terrible encounter like that. Some guys can just be so disrespectful to say the least. What guy would do that? Ok, I know there are a TON, but it makes you think how were they raised? What an unfortunate experience. I hope it didn't completely ruin your whole weekend. All I can say is, there's no place like home.

WiZ said...

aint that a bitch. you should find this nigga and put a hit out on him

TatooTuesday said...

I have spoken with my friend from law enforcement. He has informed me that 79.2% of police officers will let you off if you had beat this dude on behalf of a woman, especially if she was cute. He also said that other 10% would arrest you but say they didn't have enough evidence to charge you in court. He said that the remaining percentage most likely engage in such bitchassness themselves.

K to the... said...

I see the bitchaussness is indeed nationwide! Dude, including security, was a punk auss!!! I'm sitting here pumped like I wish I was there.

And you're right about us putting our girl's safety first. lol

Reese said...

T, u weigh 155??? i like that, you might have just took dude down.

T said...

@ Reese. 135 homie. 135.

RB said...

Wooow, my friend wanted me to go with her to love this past weekend...it would have been my first time. Thank goodness I said no! I'd be in jail in your situation.