Friday, October 31, 2008

Black "cool"

Given we're about to elect the first black president, I think there's no time better than the present to discuss how the world sees and (in my field of work) how the world markets to black males.

Here's an excerpt from the following article in PRweek:

"So what is a marketer to do about black men, in particular, as we seek to capitalize on a marketplace increasingly shaped by people of color? We should encourage clients to understand that black men's “coolness” is not just found on BET or on basketball courts. It is a power that can be tapped and leveraged in all fields of endeavor, at all income levels and in every region of the world."

I enjoyed the piece. I thought the comments were especially brutal since this isn't a warm and fuzzy look at the world as if everything's perfect magazine, but a magazine by PR professionals, for PR professionals.

I'm clearly biased though, so what are your thoughts? And if you have something nice to say, please post it to the article as well.


ThummyB said...

Well...the article seems to be a whole lot of what is already known. They didn't seem to touch on much that hasn't been discussed in the past.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i scared u, u can admit it-lol

happpy nappy friday

will u be ther in the am?

T said...

@ Torrance, you did scare me. LOL!

@ thummyb, I think it's obvious to "us," and "we've" talked about it before, but the others don't talk about it much at all.

WiZ said...