Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bears vs. Lions: Live Blogging

Did Devin Hester just trip over his own feet

We ARE NOT going to win games if the Bears can't get Touchdowns. Yes, a field goal is better than nothing, but why can't we convert these third downs. I mean, seriously!!!

Matt Forte is the TRUTH!!! I still miss Thomas Jones though, but I believe Forte is Change We Can Believe In (LOL!)

Did you see that man stretch out. Yeah, Forte is what's up. (Challenge or not)

The Bears are looking like acrobats this game. I LOVE IT!

I went to Walgreens and came back and we went from 17-0 to 31-0. GO BEARS!

2-minute warning. 34-7. I'm pretty sure we're going to win, but I'm a Bears fan (not nearly as optimistic as a Cubs fan), so I'm gonna wait until it's over to declare victory. :)

Ok, now it's really over. YAY!!!


antithesis said...

congrats to ur team!

Reese said...

we gonna have to work on that live blogging, it was all over the place but i loved it lol

T said...

Thanks Anthesis!

Reese, don't hate on my live blogging. It's supposed to be all over the place, that's why it's live.

Reese said...

lmao! where we watchin the game next week?