Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All my Fritos Lays!!!

That's what Beyonce's country behind sounds like she's saying on her new "Sin-gle La-dies" song. I call it the bitter bitch anthem of 2008. (No offense whatsoever to anyone who digs the song).

I don't like the video, I don't like the message, I don't like the fact that she can't pronounce La-dies!!! I just don't like it. (I Love Beyonce though, in general)

It still jumped at the club (what Beyonce song wouldn't jump at the club).

So do you like the song/video? Why or why not?


And since we're already talking about food, allow me to introduce you to Vitamin Water.

You know the stuff that 50 Cent (and Alicia Keys, I think) endorses. That watered down juice that deliver electrolytes and vitamins and other goodies to your body. I'm not a fan of flavored water... unless... it's tricked out. And I'm happy to say I introduced my homies to a new beverage this weekend. Vitamin Water and vodka.

Dorian and I discovered this treat by accident on Western Illinois University's campus some years back. They were giving away free vitamin water AND we wanted to keep a consistent buzz throughout the day. Perfect mix. When we first did it, it tasted like cough syrup (ICK!), but we perfected the recipe.

Don't sleep on it folks. Here's why it's hot:
1. Liquor goes directly to your blood stream.
2. You can't taste/smell the vodka.
3. You can drink in public. We did it at HU's homecoming on the bus, in cabs, on the Metro train, on the yard... no one had any idea that it's wasn't Vitamin Water.
4. People will think you're healthy.
5. It beats a red Solo cup any day of the week.

G2 Gatorade also works or Sobe Life Water... whatever you fancy, just throw some vodka in it and get your all day buzz on.

Disclaimer: I only do this when I visit college campuses. It just feels right.
Thanks for all your votes. I'm in the top 50 now! I think we have a couple more days.


ThummyB said...

I like the 'Single Ladies' video...prob b/c I'm a fan of any video where ppl execute a dance routine. Plus, I liked the way that the camera kept revolving around them as they turned.

The song is has the same dance/shake it vibe that 'Get Me Bodied' had. I don't think the content is great, but then...neither was 'Get Me Bodied' (what does 'bodied' mean anyway?).

In contrast, though, I will not be singing the lyrics to this out loud as it has bitter/jilted/re-bound written all over it. Not a good look.

antithesis said...

lmao, lmao, lmao!!!

beyonce is a chick that grows on me whenever it's bey season. i always end up with the album in some way. whether it's burned from someone else and downloaded.

for the vitamin water, thanks for the tip! i needed to know that like 2 years ago but it's still useful info. i'll make it work for me. especially if im trying to pregame before an outing.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i dont look at videos or go to clubs so i cant say

ThummyB said...

Oh...on the vitamin water piece...we need that for the next trip to Vegas. It's the perfect atmosphere.

Reese said...

but, you just waterin down the vodka...ima try it out though, im currently planning my 27th bday party in michigan at my best buds summer house, you have been warned

Paris said...

@ Reese-that's what I thought too, but when you mix it right, the buzz is quite nice. As an avid dranka, Ti made me a believer over the weekend and I am now spreading the gospel. And I think this can just be THE DRINK while on vacation and you're trying to keep it popping all day (Vegas, MIA, LA, etc.)

Reese said...

yeah exp if its ice cold, cause in vegas in the summer...its off the chain hot, hmmmmm i think im gonna have to go get some vitamin water and some grey goose

T said...

Reese, you and I have totally different tastes in liquor. (Thought I'm sure Vitamin Water is univeral). You like Don Julio, I like Patron. You like Goose, I like Ketel 1.

You probably drink Henn and I drink Courvosier...

(LOL, I don't really drink Courvosier, but I'd drink that before Henn... ICK!)

K to the... said...

You are a nut. I like the video due to the fact a dance routine is performed, lighting and camera angles. Ok, I'm a nerd for that...but oh well. When I first heard the song, I was watching the video on Youtube. I was paying more attention to the dance then the actual words.

Vitamin Water and vodka....I can dig it!!! I gotta try that.

WiZ said...

oh beyonce....gone are the days of say my name. and that vodka idea reminded me of my friend who mixed smirnoff, pepsi and a hint of lime.....and later went down on a girl. lol

T said...

@ wiz, your friend's first mistake was the Smirnoff.

That is a no-no.

T said...

@ wiz, your friend's first mistake was the Smirnoff.

That is a no-no.

My Fashion Frenzy said...

haha ... too funny

KindredSmile said...

*taking notes on properly executed debauchery* So, Vitamin Water and vodka? As an avid fan of both, I have to try this out immediately! Thanks for spreading the word!

brightstarr said...

Love the song, but can do without the video. It's a bit trashy - not only is she half naked, but the pelvis grinding in a body suit disgusts me. But I LOVE Beyonce. Somehow she pulls it off! I just hope people don't get any ideas...this is NOT a trend...