Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tea's Top 10: Don't know you've got til it's gone

Let Janet play while reading this post. It was definitely playing in my head, while reflecting on things I missed.

Here are the top ten things I didn't know I had until they were gone. Thank you second job.

10. The weekend: 48 hours of free time, even if you spend it running errands, is better than having to work and having NO time to do anything.

9. New York, Vegas & Miami: All trips I turned down because I had to work. (To my credit I turned them down to save money as well, but hey, it was because of the second job, so it goes on the list).

8. Saturday morning breakfast: Working two jobs I had to pick between a my usual big lazy Saturday breakfast or an extra 30 minutes of sleep. I chose sleep.

7. Free time in the evenings: When you work seven days a week the evening is for rest and sleep. That's it.

6. Free time to blog: (which is why I'm packing three and a half months of observations about my second job into two weeks of non-stop blogs about it)

5. A gym membership: Just like #9 and #8 on this list. I had to choose between 30 minutes to an hour at the gym or more sleep. You already know what I chose. Now that I get my weekends back, I can add my workouts to the weekday AND weekend mix (and maybe drop some of this get-it-right weight... maybe not).

4. The no-kids good life: (This isn't gone, by the way, but I definitely appreciate it more) Seeing all those kids every weekend make me happier every day that I don't have any AND FURTHER let me know what a big responsibility it is to do a good job with those little crumb snatchers when I make a decision to have them.

3. Job security: Every day at the second job a slip of the tongue with a guest or other co-worked COULD have resulted in my termination. As a wage worker, you are oftentimes disposable despite your record and/or tenure with the company. At my 9 to 5, [I think and hope] I'm much more valuable than that.

2. Spontaneity: I'm not particularly spontaneous, but the option to be was stripped away from me. I rarely made it to the last minute get-togethers, barbecues, shindigs or happenings because... I was at work, was leaving work or on the way to work when the opportunity presented itself. Side note: unshockingly enough, I did NOT miss the club.

1. Church on Sunday morning!!! I made an effort to go to evening services, but be for real, most good churches are in the hood. Car-less I had to rely on other people to be willing and available to go with me (so I wouldn't have to take public transit to the 'hood). I did ok, but I cannot wait to get back to AFC every Sunday MORNING on my own schedule.


antithesis said...

wow, ur making me think even harder about taking on work study on top of my part-time job...

Reese Johnson said...

good list T, im still working thru my stupid people list but its so cold in the D keeps me distracted and laughing (see the blog mama)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great list as usual!! You're right, oftentimes we forget what we've got until it's gone! I've thought about a second job, but I know I just couldn't because I love to sleep-in on Saturdays way too much!!

Aww man, you turned down trips? That's so hard for me to do, but I should save some $$$!

kay* said...

speaking of Janet - i'm going to see her in concert on Sept 28 and i can't wait!

T said...

Kay, Janet is AWESOME in concert!!! Have so much fun.

Kismet said...

Damn. Church on Sunday morning. Gas is too high to get to the church I want to go to...shoot. I feel that one.