Monday, September 1, 2008

Tea's Tangents

1. Is it me or is Kanye's verse on "I Put On" WAY too short. Man, I can just play that over and over again.

2. I was sitting in my office dancing to the aforementioned song and my co-worker walked by. We both tried to act like he didn't see me, but I'm sure he did. He's the same dude who walked by and saw me refreshing my deodorant one day. It's a good thing I'm his manager, otherwise I'd be embarrassed. LMAO!

3. I went to a family reunion a couple of weekends ago and not ONE person asked me when I was going to get married, nor when I'm going to have kids. It's like they've been listening (or reading my blog). Either way it was like familial heaven!

4. I was sitting at work one day and got an email from IT saying that everyone in IT's email was out of order and that they were working to fix the problem. Please re-read that. Yes, I got an EMAIL from IT explaining the problem...

5. I went to the club with my mom tonight... I feel I must expound

a) A wedding she went to earlier in the day had an afterparty (after the formal reception) at the club:

1. I kind of like the idea
2. I kind of don't like the idea (hmm... maybe more on this in a later post)
3. Even I can digress during a digression

b) My mom was pretty fly in her Joe Jeans.

c) We got half off admission due to her flyness. Thanks mom!

d) Mom got more action than me at the club. Which is the EXACT reason I stopped letting her go to the mall with me and friends in grammar school. Oh well.

e) There is a hell of a lot of cursing in music. I couldn't really sing along today... you know, with mom being there and all.

f) She kept asking me how I knew so many people. Clearly, I'm a clubhead mom. Sheesh!

g) Despite being pretty overprotective of her, I was glad she went and had a good time.

h) Showing up at the club (i.e. worked eight hours, went straight to a bbq, then to the club, with a cotton maxi dress, flips flops and ZERO make-up on) is MUCH more fun than planning to go to the club: I couldn't care less what people thought about my outfit, my feet don't hurt, my pores aren't clogged and I don't have that little line on my stomach where my skirt, pants or shorts would have otherwise cut off my circulation. All in all a good night!


antithesis said...

that's good that all went well. i dont know about a club afterparty for a wedding. but im glad you and your mom had fun. i must admit, the best nights out are the unplanned ones.

Que.P said...

That's cool that you and moms had fun. and I see how she got half off admission. Hotness :)

Reese Johnson said...

uh yeah id have to flirt with your mom just a little bit. and we are all glad that this was an official wedding reception afterparty cause we SEE that bridesmaid dress in da background

Paris said...

Hilarious girl..I'm a little j because I know my mom would never want to go to the club (wedding after party or not, lol). But you guys look so cute!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Cute photo!! I am with you, I LOVE Kanye's is way too short though!!

That's so funny that your mom went to a club with you. Just the other day while I was in Nashville, my nearly 60-year-old aunt showed up at the club that the young folks went to. My cousins were NOT pleased to find their mom at the club!! It was definitely a night to remember. Glad you and your mom had fun! :-)

ThummyB said...

That sounds like a great time. Your mom is awesome!

It's mom and I don't have the kind of relationship where we can club together, but we do have the kind of relationship where we can talk about sex. To each their own, I guess.