Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Real Quick: Live Blogging during the RNC

Drill baby drill and drill now.
- Michael Steele, leader of GOPAC



Also the governor of Hawaii said that Obama and Biden, because they've never been mayors or governors, have never had executive experience...

What experience then, does that give SENATOR John McCain. I'm so done with these weak arguments...


Oh my. This could turn into a top 10 list.

Guiliani said "If America's lost the war in Iraq who won? Al quaida? Bin Ladin?"

Family... Have we ever seen Al quaida or Bin Ladin in Iraq? Is Bin Ladin not in cave in Afghanistan where we decreased troops to put more in Iraq?


Guiliani then said something to the effect of Republicans cling to their religion. This from a man who is married to his mistress. (Ok, that was wrong, but I'm not erasing it.)


P.S. the republicans are getting some good jabs in at Obama. I won't repeat those here, I'm just saying if you want Obama to be president, you better get to work.


Palin just told all parents of special needs kids that they would have an advocate in the White House. I can dig that.


It is not true that Barack hasn't proposed laws or made reform in the senate. This is crap you're saying Sarah Palin.


Palin, while an excellent speaker herself, keeps talking about how great of a speaker Barack Obama is. Only in America can speaking well be a negative. How the hell else is he supposed to communicate with people?


Ok, here's what I'm thinking:

These conventions of the gangs of America (red vs. blue) aren't doing anything for anyone. They're empty rhetoric that get the electorate fired up, but at the end of the day, I want to see some debates. Palin is a good speaker (and people may not know this, but she's actually running for Vice President, not President). I want to know which candidate is going to take the high road and quit all the bickering, quit with the one-liners (which are funny and nice, but unnecessary). Because don't we ALL care about the country? Don't we all want better (insert noun of your choice here)?

Aren't all republicans for God, against abortion and for cutting taxes?
Aren't all democrats for peace, environmentally friendly and helpful to their brother and sisters (via welfare and the like).

Do we really need to go through these expensive time-wasting campaigns? How can any candidate say they're just like the people when it take millions of dollars to get into office (Have you ever raised a million dollars)?

The truth is the President only has SO much power. If we want things better we have to do them ourselves. Government is not going to make everything all better. The President is NOT going to make everything better. Barack Obama is not going to make it all better. John McCain is not going to make it all better.

At the end of the day, the only question that matters is who do you want to represent YOU to the world?

You already know my answer...


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You know my answer too! :-)

ThummyB said...

Girl...I refused to even watch the RNC and add to their ratings.

I have heard several clips, though, and I will read the transcripts later.

All in all, I agree with you. I think that I hit on my feelings in my blog last Friday. Neither Washington nor the U.S. is going to be transformed by our next president. We may take steps in the right or wrong direction, but in as usual will continue. If you want to make an impact, then you need to start in your local communities.

antithesis said...

you kow my answer. i also want to say, Palin is just hard to listen to.

kay* said...

lol - what a coincidence! i did a live blogging post yesterday too. but on america's next top model...