Thursday, September 18, 2008

Question of the Day: Secondary Income

So I learned from my second job that I NEED a secondary income. We all do. The hourly working thing as a second gig is doable, but not sustainable. I need to find something else and quick because I only have a few more checks rollin' in from my second job. I've become accostomed to getting paid every week.

Most wealthy folks have several forms of income and I'm trying to be wealthy (i.e. in case you didn't get the memo, this is not a game.)

So I thought I'd poll my lovely friends and Tea & Such readers to see what you all are doing for secondary income:

- Do you work at the mall, a city attraction, a boutique or some other hourly wage job?
- Are you an alley mechanic?
- Jewelry maker?
- Wedding caterer?
- Party promoter? Side question: How much money can you really make doing that anyway... I'm not trying to be funny... genuinely interested?
- Do you do one of the pyramid side hustles: Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Pre-paid legal, 5 Links? (P.S. I'm not interested in any of these, so don't ask me)
- Do you have rental properties in the city? In a college town?
- Are you stictly white collar and investing into the stock market for extra funds?
- In what other lucrative things are you investing?

Speak up folks, what's your side hustle?


antithesis said...

here's how i make $: graduate assistant position in housing, work-study position at area non-profit, and my little stock im working on acquiring.

Reese Johnson said...

there is a little money in promoting parties but not much anymore, the market for events, esp the ones we would actually go to, is over saturated. and the headaches and late nights arent worth the little bit of money you will make

Kismet said...

let's call my full time job the grad student stipend. my side hustles then are administrative/organizing work at a youth organizing non-profit, and working randomly for a professor on campus. I may be picking up a third, I need to that is, which would be supervising college parties on campus.

the hustle.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I need to get a side hustle!! I've been thinking about freelance writing on the side. Fun post! :-)

Que.P said...

I got my church to invest in some graphic design software in turn for doing PR for them at no cost. it took me some time to learn the program, but eventually I learned enough to sell my designs party pluggers, church post cards, business cards, signs, banners, whatever, to put a little extra change in my pocket.

Similarly, I got m hands on some video software and have been learning/practicing videography. Same kind of hustle, but not yet very lucritive.

I also do independent meeting planning, more so now than before because I am not currently working full time. this is contractual work.

Lastly, I have my hand in the music industry with gospel rap artist Chozen. As his booking agent I get a percentage of all paid gigs.

all of these things I enjoy doing. plus I was already apart of most of the stuff anyway. I smply figured out a way to capitolize on the time spent and turn it into cash.

Rob Rose said...

I DJ weddings, corporate events and parties...

ThummyB said...

Have you thought of being a stylist? You have great fashion sense, and you can shop w/someone else's $$. I would think that you charge by the hour, and you should start w/some of your mom's friends or older church ladies who have more $$ to spend.

Also, a spin on the admin/organizational bit that Kismet is doing wouldn't be bad either. You're very organized, so I'm sure that you could work with others to help them organize their offices/homes/schedule, etc.

I say...just think of what you're good at, and then try to market it to ppl who could use some help in that area.