Friday, September 5, 2008

Question of the Day: LCDs

Hey folks,

Side Notes: I still can't believe Sarah "beauty queen/hockey mom" Palin was hatin' on community organizers.

And my mom just pointed out that getting captured as a POW doesn't make you president material, John McCain (just like getting shot nine times doens't make you gansta, 50 Cent). What we actually have is a man who failed to run (and a man who failed to duck).


I digress

I have a three part question today, but first some background. I was facilitating a meeting in a conference room and I was talking, giving directions, taking questions and I swivel around in my chair and stop. What do I have before me, but one of the most gorgeous, prettiest, most beautiful pieces of machinery I've ever seen. It was this ginormous flat screen. I stopped talking mid-sentence, caught the drool off the side of my face, then proceeded to ask if anyone knew where this heavenly gadget had come from. No one knew. Back to the meeting.

Anyway, that put the desire for a flatscreen in my heart and on to today's question.

A) What's the best flatscreen on the market?
B) What the best value for my money when buying a flatscreen? (This answer should undoubtedly be different from A, 'cause I'm clearly not buying top of the line with a home purchase on the horizon
C) Is it cheaper to buy now or during Superbowl season (or right after Superbowl season)?

P.S. Peep the JL video post below.


antithesis said...

unfortunately i can be of zero help... hope you get ur answers! have a good weekend.

Reese Johnson said...

A) thats a question of preference, from my experience sony makes the best LCDs but someone else may have a fave as well I have a westinghouse ( just for reference

B)with the proliferation of LCDs its totally possible to get a very nice LCD for a very nice pice, all thats left to figure is what size you want, i have a 42" and a 32"

C) best time to buy is around christmas i got both of my TVs right around thanksgiving and spent 1400 on both (one in 06, one in 07) so timing is everything.

if you need help i will be MORE than happy to take a best buy trip because i LOVE best buy, i am a platinum black (dont know why they call it that) member of the rewardzone cause i go nuts there. lemme know and you can always start at

brightstarr said...

I really like the Samsungs or LG tv's right now. Great quality and design. Good luck. There are a lot of deals out there. Make sure you visit or before you commit to a model.

Best Buy usually honors the best deal you find. Just fyi.

brightstarr said...

My Samsung is a plasma, and LG is a LCD btw. Samsung is a 720p, the LG is a 1080p.