Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grocery Shopping

It's the weekend, which means among house cleaning and relaxation, I also need to prep for the rest of the week, including grocery shopping. You'll be happy to know that I can do all these things in my PJs thanks to

You all know I don't drive, so I LOVE this site. Not only do you get to shop online, but the guys who deliver the groceries and nice and professional and they bring the groceries all the way up to my apartment. (When I first ordered I was expecting to have to go downstairs and get the groceries myself, not so).

Another neat thing about peapod is that it's impossible to forget anything. Just walk to your refrigerator or cabinets and see what's missing. You can review your order and make sure you're not forgetting anything, or paying to much for anything. If something seems expensive, you can click on "specials" and see what other brands may be having a sale on the items you want. It beats walking back and forth through the grocery store aisles comparing prices and getting run over by the hundreds of other people who waited until the weekend to go grocery shopping as well.

As you can see, I'm a big fan!

Peapod pros
- Easy
- Convenient
- Specials Section (they have all the sales in one space)
- Flat $9.95 delivery fee (well worth it to me)
- Flexible ship times
- Professional delivery men

Peapod cons
- You have to spend at least $50 (i.e. this isn't for the one-off eggs, bread or sugar you forgot)
- You can't use manufacturers coupons (or if you can I haven't figured out how) ***UPDATE*** you CAN use manufacturers coupons. FTW!
- You won't meet your future husband or wife while grocery shopping

Also, I just got a flyer in the mail for free shipping on orders over $100. I encourage you all to try it and let me know what you think. You've got nothing to lose since shipping is free.

1. Enter the code: SAVENOW in there promotional code box at checkout on the Web site, expires 9/30/08

2. Enter the code: SAVEAGAIN in the promotional code box at checkout on the Web site, expires 10/15/08

Happy Shopping!!!


ThummyB said...

I'll give it a go. You know that I HATE grocery shopping, but I go b/c I like to save $. Plus I'm trying to avoid becoming a recoulse. I'll give it a go next weekend, and see how the total cost compares.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My aunt uses this service and loves it!! I wish I could afford this kind of thing...I have to lug around the groceries myself up 2 flights of stairs!! :-(