Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cute/Insightful: More lessons from my second job

So despite all the crazy I saw over the past three and a half months there were two things I saw that were downright precious (and one insightful thing) and I just had to tell someone about them.

1. Maybe a month into my summer stint, I was at the door taking tickets and this little girl who couldn't have been 3 yet holds up a little dandelion with both hands. I bend down to talk to her and say "Aw, I see you have a pretty flower." And she shook her head and said "No, it's for you." I go "For me?" (See, had to ask twice, human nature) and she nodded her head. Her mother (good parent, for the record), goes, that's so nice that you're sharing. That was very nice of you.

Um... wow.

This 3 year old who I don't know AT ALL was giving me HER dandelion that she picked herself. She's so young and innocent, she doesn't know that it's a weed. She just knew that it was pretty, she wanted it and more than that she wanted to share it with someone else. You know kids don't like you to take their diapers away let alone have something that belongs to them. I put it in my headband and wore it for the rest of the day as a reminder that is some sweetness left in the world.

2. This girl scout got separated from her group. Stop laughing, yes girl scouts can get lost. She came up to me and started to cry. She was like 10 or 11, so almost my height. Her lip started to quiver and she said "I'm lost" and she began crying. So I look at this girl and say, "Don't worry. We'll find your group." She then hugged me.

***Looks around***

It was awesomely weird. I hugged her back, but who hugs people they don't know? Innocent children, that's who. After she hugged me I then felt responsible for the well-being of this child (like a teacher or dare I say it... parent) and I was baffled that she trusted me enough (as an adult, authority figure, staff member, whatever) to make good on my promise to find her group. Children's innocence. Another lesson from my second job.

The last thing, wasn't precious, but it was insightful and I feel I should share.

3. As I walked through the shark exhibit reminding people to turn off their flash, there were a few scenarios:

a) Guests ignored the sign and my verbal message and blatantly used their flash.
b) Guests heeded the sign and my verbal message and turned it off and kept it off.
c) Guests heeded the sign, but their camera automatically turned the flash back on after a certain time.

While repeating Puedes quitar su flash, por favor. I kept thinking, "It's written AND I'm telling them, why won't they listen?"

Then it occurred to me that God probably has that same thought on a continual basis. When I fail to do what I'm supposed to do as written (in the Bible, of course), God then has to ask me to do it (usually not a welcomed conversation). Sometimes I listen, sometimes I blatantly disregard it and other times, even though I want to do the right thing, it's almost as if my flash automatically turns on.

Thanks, God, for the lesson in an unlikely place.


antithesis said...

i like the connection between hard-headed folk and hard-headed Christians. and yes, children are precious before the world corrupts them.

ThummyB said...

All three of those were heart warming and inspiring. That was a great way to begin my day.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You're such a great writer! Fantastic post!! I love the part about the lost little girl. Kids can be so sweet and innocent...some kids at least! LOL!!