Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is...

This is...

Joy. History. Memories.

This was hard work.

This took Dedication. Passion. Education. A sound plan. Inspiration.

***45 years ago this was a dream.***

This took Hope.

He is mixed-race. Bi-racial. African-American.

In these great states, he's a black man.

She came from his side, south side, God's side, their side: full of pride.

She held him down.

I watched. I donated. I dreamed. I donated. I believed. I donated. I called. I was told THAT WORD would never become the president.

***88 years ago my gender got the right***

I voted.

I hung up. I tried again. Without me it would've been different and because of me it'll never be the same.

I did it. They did it. He did it. WE did it. We'll win it.

I. Taste. Change.


Reese Johnson said...

loves the enthusiasm. im proud of everything right now, but you know its back to the grind now. wonder if we can place some connects and get some jobs in DC?

Kismet said...

you clearly made me tear up AGAIN. mayn. this week has been an emotional rollercoaster!

YES WE CAN!!!!! And will. And are about to start doing it right now because there is HELLAZ work to do still!!!

FIRED UP!!!!! READY TO GO!!!!!!!!!

ThummyB said...

I love that we are thinking on the same wave-length this morning.


kay* said...

this is such a historic time - i MADE my two younger brothers sit and watch the entire speech with me -lol. i'm so excited about this election - despite the fact that i'm not american i don't think you have to be to appreciate that this is such an exciting time. i plan on going to my best friends house in NJ for the election - yes, we 2 canadians are planning on throwing an election day party. call us crazy. :o) so inspiring.