Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the Mac Man

My family loves comedy and movies. I mean, I think I was 10 or 11 when the original Def Jam used to come on and I used to watch it with my mom and stepdad. We're a bunch of movie buffs too. At any given point you can hear one of us quoting a funny line from a classic black movie. (If you're not in my family, I usually have to explain what the line is from, totally destroying the joke, etc, etc).

So imagine our delight, as a family, when the Kings of Comedy came out. It's comedy AND it's a movie. My nieces could probably quote the whole DVD word for word (we're not going to discuss how wrong that is right now, I'm trying to make a tribute here).

We LOVE Bernie Mac! Like if you catch us in the right lie, we'll tell you he's somehow related to us. Doesn't it feel like that? Doesn't he feel like a funny uncle you have? He reminds me of my crazy granddad. Just said whatever the hell he wanted to say. Well, due to an unfortunate case of pneumonia, now granddad and Bernie Mac can tell jokes in heaven together.

Everyone please keep his wife and daughter in your prayers. This is a devastating loss.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad. Some people just get better with age and you look forward to what they're going to do or say next. I'm so sad I'll never hear him tell another joke, never see him live, never see unseen versions of his show ("America? America? This little girl thinks I'm playin with her... Nessa Don't. Know. Who. She. Messin'. With.")

So here's to you Mac Man. We'll forever keep you in our hearts, on our minds and in our DVD players.


ThummyB said...

:-( I was so sorry to hear this news when I woke up this morning. My prayers are truly with his family and all of those who loved him.

antithesis said...

his passing really is unfortunate. he was a funny dude. i know when they be showing kings of comedy, i only tune in for his part.

Paris said...

Girl, I remember that Def Comedy Jam episode featuring him like it debuted yesterday. He had those thick glasses on with the Cross Color outfit on, lol. I think it's sad to lose any of our Black entertainers at such a young age (Gerald Levert, Aaliyah, etc.). He was so real and talented and I'm still in shock about his death. He truly made Chi-town proud...RIP Mr. Mac