Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Really Lovie

The Bears never cease to amaze me. Whether it's making it to the superbowl without a good quarterback or continually playing this loser quarterback as the starter. It's like it doesn't even take a smart person to watch a couple of games and figure out that Rex Grossman can't throw a ball.

Can he throw better that me, sure.

Can he throw better than high school players, maybe.

Can he throw better than most college quarterbacks, probably not.

Can he throw well enough to keep getting his NFL contract renewed AND be the starting quarterback HELL NAW!!!

I wish an Avon Barksdale-like character would've planted something on him last year, so he could have been indicted and kicked to the curb like Cedric Benson.

So, the news breaks - days ago - that Kyle Orton is going to be the starting quarterback for the Bears. I should be happy right? Thrilled, Elated, Delighted?

I'm content.

But the trifling, baffling, sick, twisted, ridiculousness about the whole thing is that Orton's being promoted because "Lovie Smith" has a gut feeling about him. The same gut feeling he had about Rex, who was mediocre and depended on the defense to win games the year we went to the superbowl and who was WEAK AND DESPICABLE last year.

Why not stats? Why not games? Game outcomes? Game breaks? Why not ask my grandma who doesn't even like sports, but could tell you if you aren't winning you need to try something else? why WHy WHY WHY????????? WHY go with a "feeling."

That could be indigestion fool. UGH!


antithesis said...

lol @ "that could be indigestion". that is rediculous though

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I don't follow football at all. Is it that time again already? LOL :-(

BIG MIKE said...

WOW...I guess you are really pissed about the whole shitty offense thing!