Monday, August 11, 2008

Question of the Day: Home Phones

Happy Monday folks and Happy Birthday SNN!

I'm getting ready to get rid of my home phone. It's always freaked me out though because I live by myself and I'm thinking what if there's an emergency and my cell isn't charged. However paying any amount of money for something I never use is starting to get on my nerves.

For Bears season, the AT&T phone and DSL I have, have to be replaced with Comcast cable and high speed internet. No need for a phone. (I'm SO happy it's football season, I can't even describe it to you).

So today's question is: Do you have a home phone? Why or Why not?

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Paris said...

The home phone I have is hooked up so when people visit, I can buzz them up. The great thing about it, is that I didn't have to get service. The call box is able to ring my phone without it.

If I could hook up my cell phone to the call box I would and most apartments are now making this an option. I think the home phone is a waste of money. Even when I had one, folks would still call the cell (before 9) instead of the home phone. I pray to God that I never am in a situation where I'm without it. So I try to make sure I'm juiced up and have it on me or nearby at all times.

ThummyB said...

I only have a home phone so that I can get DSL. I don't think that I can get Comcast in my bldg (either RCN or satellite), and RCN is cheaper. Otherwise it is not at all necessary.

T said...

@ thummyb, I'm not sure what the price is, but RCN offers high speed internet as well. So if the RCN price is comparable or cheaper than AT&T DSL you may be able to eliminate some costs (and extra bills in the mail) by cancelling AT&T and just getting RCN internet.

It'd take a couple of initial phone calls, but I know how much you hate sitting down to pay bills, so it may be helpful.

kay* said...

i live at home (though hopefully that will change very very soon, finger crossed) and while we have a home phone i NEVER use it - just my cell. i think when i move i'll go without a land line for a while but will eventually get the cheapest service.

My sister was in the same situation as you - had a home phone but barely used it..but because she lives alone she didn't want to go without and just have her cell phone (for same reason as you - just in case it wasn't charged) she did a trial run. you can call your phone company and ask them to suspend it for 3 or 6 months - i think it costs like $ the end, if you want it turned back get your same number...but if not you can get it shut off. why don't you try that? my sister wondered why she hadn't done it sooner - she never missed it one bit.

T said...

@ kay,

Girl, my mama doesn't even know my home phone number. I'm not married to that number at all. I only had it for DSL (and these emergencies that I'm so freaked out about). I keep the ringer off, so sometimes I can't even remember where the darn thing is located.

So when I chuck the DSL, the home phone is going out with it. Y'all say a prayer that I don't need 911.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I do have a home line, but I don't have an actual phone. I threw it away a few months ago because the battery was dead. I haven't gotten a new one because we NEVER use it. When our home phone would ring, we'd just let it because we knew that it was more than likely a sales call or the wrong number. The only people with my home number are my mother and sisters. I use my cell phone for everything!

Btw, I wish I could get excited about football husband would be so happy! I am excited about the upcoming fall fashions though! LOL

T said...

@ BGG. Football is free (to watch). Fall fashions are definitely going to set you back a few. LOL!

Rob Rose said...

Another option is Magic Jack. It's a USB phone jack that allows you to make and receive calls via the Internet. All you need is a high-speed connection and a phone. YOU GET A FREE 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD. After that, the cost of the device is $29.99 and that's all you pay. All local and LD calls are free for a year. You have the option of buying your second year for $19.99. So, for $50 all in, you have free local and LD calls for two years. The best part is when you move, you just registered your device to the new address and you're done. You don't need a new number or anything. The website is I know I sound like a commercial but the sound quality is great and it is easy, easy, easy to set up. I have the device and I love it.

Krystal Cormack said...

I have cable and through our cable, we have DSL. We use our DSL router to use Vonage. Its cheap, ($30 a month), has free local and long distance, and all of the other perks (voice mail, caller i.d., etc. for free). What I like about it is that it sends you an e-mail whenever you have a voicemail, and you can listen to the voicemail on your computer if you're not home, in addition to being able to call your own house and check the voicemail box.

Downside: when the power goes out, so does the phone, internet, cable, etc.