Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question of the Day: Cutting Costs

My blogger buddy Nerd Girl put up a post a little while ago and today I'm totally stealing her questions.

1. What are you doing to cut costs now that prices for everything are so high?
2. What are cheap recipes to make during these rough times?

I'll kick it off by answering questions too:

To cut costs/save money I'm

- Getting rid of my home phone
- Living below my means in a studio (in Lakeview, join me!)
- Working two jobs (which obviously makes money, but also saves money because I have ZERO free time to spend money)

As far as recipes go, just cooking in general saves money. Since I live by myself the desire to eat out is strong and laziness/fatigue also plays a factor. The cheapest thing I cook is spaghetti. A couple of ingredients and I'll have lunch and dinner for a week.


Reese Johnson said...

im going to cut down on my expenses as well, going to lower my cell plan, cut out my home phone, and cut back on the super premium cable package that i have.. just a start

TatooTuesday said...

Well... I've stopped dating so much. No joke but for real. Trying to be Ronny Romance puts a hurt on your pockets.

Cheap recipes you can never go wrong with Turkey Chili and Mexican Food. Any nationality that can feed a family of 8 for $10 are genius.

Paris said...

Yes, spaghetti is the best meal for a week, lol. Pasta in general, but also making a stir fry. I mean you save money and work on your cooking game at the same time.

I also have not been going out that much and when I do, I don't buy drinks. Also, buying generic at the grocery store and doing my own hair.

JOE CASTRO said...

real talk... without the dollar menu, a lot of cats would starve. though not as cost efficient as cooking a big pot of spaghetti, the dollar menu strikes a balance between cost/time efficiency.

also, i'm saving money by postponing that vehicular purchase... public transportation really is cheaper, and you bound to see something/somebody interesting. it's like dinner and a movie.

T said...

Great ideas all.

@ tattootuesday, dating hurts us all. Men get to buying us dinners we reciprocate the meal or give little gifts... it's tough for err'body. LOL!

@ Paris, I haven't made a stir fry in a minute. It is super cheap and simple, fab idea.

@ joe castro. LOL @ CTA being dinner and a movie. So true!

Reese Johnson said...

@ little gifts? what model are you and is the factory still open?

T said...

@ Reese,

LOL! I'm clearly a classic retired model. New models can imitate and duplicate, but uh... there won't be any more originals.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really have cut down on my beauty purchases. I used to buy something from Sephora almost weekly, but now it's only about once every month or so.

My husband and I have also cut down on going out to eat every week.

Anonymous said...

I will also be cutting costs this recession... I stopped working full time to stay at home and work part time. I cut costs on car maintenance, school lunch, school fundraisers, gas, and day care for two. Even though I make less, I break even when it's all said and done. Also saving money by breastfeeding, though that might be TMI. lol

Since I live in "de country" I will also cut costs by not driving to visit people who don't live near me. Sorry Uncle Jay and Aunt Eva, but I won't be out to the double-wide for a while.

And since Big Love hasn't come back on, peace out HBO.

Instead of printing stuff and putting it in the mail, (cause ink and stamps are beaucoup expensive) I just scan stuff and email it as a pdf. file.

Recipes: White Chicken Chilli & Cornbread, Stir Fry (esp. with those frozen veggie packs... they even come in organic), and 'just biscuits' for breakfast. Oh, and I almost always go with Digorno frozen pizza instead of Pizza Hut now. Its alright.