Thursday, August 21, 2008

East Lakeview Campaign #6

Hey folks,

The campaign is in full effect. At least until these fall leases get signed.

One of the hottest corners in Lakeview is Broadway and Briar. While sitting outside at the Argo Tea Cafe (you know how much I love Tea) you can see the following:

Reckless Records - For the musically inclined

Intelligentsia - In case you prefer coffee

A liquor store - Because you're not going to drink coffee and tea all night

American Apparel - Because even if I hate leggings, someone has to wear them

The Apartment People - In case you want to upgrade or relocate (they show all over the north side and south loop)

New Toyko - Lakeview's best sushi restaurant (or so I've heard, let me know if you want to try it).

Mexican Restaurant - I don't know the name of it, but you can sit outside and it smells heavenly walking by. Yes, there is Mexican and Sushi on the same corner. It's a heavenly place, I'm trying to tell you!

Ice Cream Shop - Again, I don't know the name of it, but I can see it from Argo Tea Cafe. Lakeview is overflowing with ice cream shops. They also have a place near this corner called "Cupcakes," which makes me very happy.

Wilde - A overly-masculine decorated restuarant smack dab in the middle of boystown. Not only do you feel like you're in Sherlock Holmes' study with the real bookshelves and burning fireplaces, but they also make a FIYAH chocolate martini if I do say so myself. The prices are reasonable and the people are nice. A perfect winter getaway ('cause be for real, you can only sit outside in the Chi for another couple of weeks).

And most importantly sitting at the Argo Tea Cafe on the corner of Briar and Belmont, you can see all the H.A.M.s walking through my neighborhood. Oh, it's just splendid. The boys that like boys and the girls that like girls. The goth folks, the sistas - like myself - who have fallen off completely because it doesn't really matter. The small dog walkers, the big dog walkers, the MAC users, the PC users. The parents that were brave enough to bring their kids out of the house in strollers in this confusing environment, the punk rockers, the smokers, the dopers, the actors, the drag queens. I mean for a $3.50 Chai Latte, you can sit outside and entertain yourself for hours on end, just watching people. And honestly, no one's policing the tables outside, so if you want to just sit down tea-free, you can.

I want you to move to East Lakeview, but even if you don't/can't/won't you still need to make a trip up here to get a coffee or tea with me. It's BIG FUN!

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