Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wedded Bliss Expenditure List

Bachelorette Party - $200.00
Jewelry - $Free.99 Thanks P!
Hair - $FREE.99 Thanks MOM!
Bridemaid Dress - $100.00
Alterations - $45.00
Shoes - $21.80
Hotel Accomodations - $681.00
Flight - $388.80
Nails - $35.00
Resort Wear/Accessories - $351.23 (Now I realize this is a lot of shopping for a 4-day trip, but I tend to use vacays as an excuse to shop, so it's included in the trip costs)
Food/Airport Transport/Incidentals on Paradise Island/in Nassau (i.e. more shopping) - $200

A drunken festival, er... um I mean...

Wedded bliss in the Bahamas - $2022.83
Helping R&P usher in the next chapter of their lives - Priceless.

Some things money can't buy. For everything else, I work that second job on the weekends!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

BEAUTIFUL photo!!! You're sooo right, some things are just priceless. You'll cherish the memory of being there for years to come. Glad you enjoyed yourself! :-)

Reese Johnson said...

LMAO at shopping as a part of travel related expenses, i LOVE the way yall (yes i said yall) justify shopping, i can picture my better half using that one now...

antithesis said...

that is just beautiful. weddings are so great. i know you put down alot of cash but i am sure it was well worth it.

some days i think i want a wedding but then i remember what that means for the rest of my life, symbolicly attached to another human-being.

Que.P said...

Definately a priceless experience!

PBW said...

Gorgeous photo! You make me wish I were there too!