Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vegas vs. Miami

For today's question of the day, let's lighten it up a bit. I got into a friendly argument with someone about which locale was the better party spot.

So what's it going to be... In your opinion, where's the better place to party Vegas or Miami (South Beach)? Make sure to back up your answer. I'll post an update later in the day with my choice. I don't want to bias anyone's opinions. :)


I think Miami South Beach is the better party spot:
- The party spots on South Beach are all within short walking distances of each other, so you don't really need a car
- In Vegas all the walking makes me tired and cranky, hence not party-appropriate. By the time you get to the clubs inside of the casinos, you've already walked off 5 pounds.
- It's ALWAYS hot in Miami, whereas in Vegas it gets chilly at night in the winter
- I don't gamble (so that's not really a partying activity)
- There's a Zara in Miami (my favorite place to shop and we all know, shopping is THEE biggest party EVER)
- You can eat and drink well for the low
- Women typically get into all the clubs free on South Beach (not the case in Vegas)
- The crowds are young and pretty (as opposed to folks' old aunties and grandmas who show up trying to get it in in Vegas)
- You can get closer to the celebrities (you know they're going to be getting pizza after the club as opposed to retiring to their Las Vegas penthouses)
- I'd rather party on the beach than in the desert, any day of the week.

Now, I'm a fair person, so based on my friend's argument and you all's comments, I know I lost this one. So, in general, Vegas is a better party spot, but as far as "how" Tea likes to party it's Miami (South Beach) all the way!!!


ThummyB said... need for driving. If I was staying right on South Beach, then Miami might come out on top. However, most times that I have been to MIA there has been a need for transportation, which was not the case in Vegas.

Reese Johnson said...

vegas, something for everyone, if you gamble, drink, party, want to see a show, eat, shop, its whatever. Miami has the beautiful people and the beach and partying but outside of that.....nada

Anonymous said...

I say South Beach. Def. got into clubs for free, shopped well, saw tons of celebs. Plus, laying on the beach in the sun is a great way to rid yourself of alcohol poisoning/ hangover... if I remember correctly! LOL