Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tea's Tangents: The Cutest Stuff

Ok, so lately I've come across the cutest stuff. Some of it is downright neat, but I can't really put "neat" in the name of a post if I want people to continue reading...

This ultra cute Web site let's you design your own stationary with a picture of a woman who looks like you on it. You all have seen virtual shopping right? It's just like this, except it's on the side of post-it notes and other cute stationary stuff. I LOVE it.

On the Go Kits

I was looking for something (legitimate) for work and came across these handy dandy things. Now, they probably serve no real purpose whatsoever, but for someone who travels a lot this would be a great gift/stocking stuffer.

Catalog Choice
This Web site is also uber cute, because who doesn't want to save the environment? You know all the pesky catalogs you get, well now you can go to one Web site to get them all to go away. You put in your info, the name of the mag, then the Web site contacts then AND gives you status updates on the progress. i.e. did they contact the catalogue, did the catalogue accept/refuse your request. It's so cool! YAY less paper waste!!!

Oldie, but Goodie

Pokey Sticks

Ok, pokey sticks are the CUTEST. This warm gooey cheesy deliciousness can be found on a college campus near you. It's not pizza, it's not breadsticks, it's pizza and breadsticks in one. LAWD, what I wouldn't do for a pokey stick on a drunken night in the Chi. Gumby's used to really come through at U of I. Oh and the dipping sauces. WONDERFULNESS... I'm trying to tell you.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking T, did you used to be a big girl? NOPE, I just have big girl tendencies (when it comes to my grub). :-)


antithesis said...

T, you are mess. a hilarious mess. and catalog choice is the STUFF. i'm a mac user now so dell can stop trying to get me to buy their PCs

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh I remember when I first came across designhergals!! Isn't just too cute!!

Those On-the-go Kits do seem like great stocking stuffer gifts. I definitely need one.

I've never heard of Pokey Sticks, but hey, with bread and cheese, you can't go wrong!!! Sounds tasty!

Que.P said...

Pokey Sticks OMG! If there was a Gumby's in Chicago like there are Maxwell Streets, I would SO gain back the 30lbs I lost post U of I graduation. Whew!

Anonymous said...

You had to go there with the Pokey Sticks, huh? MAN. {insert food-gasm here}.