Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Taste of Chicago

You all know I work too much, so I've been missing out on a bunch of social activities this summer. So I made plans to go to the Taste of Chicago on Sunday and found out it was the absolute last day. Not only was it the last day, but I had to work, so we didn't get there until 5, they stopped selling tickets at 5:30 and stopped serving food at 6 (or so they say). Man, I had to get it in though.

I had:
- A boneless rib sandwich from Sweet Baby Ray's
- Mustard fried catfish from BJ's
- A chicken burrito from Los Dos Laredos and
- A slice of key lime pie from JR Dessert Bakery

Big ups to cousin Derrick for hooking me up with two tickets when I realized I was a lil' short for the key lime pie. In retrospect, it wasn't worth 7 whole tickets. I should have gotten some Eli's cheesecake like I always do, but whatever.

And in honor of the Taste in the best city in the world (and people grinding everywhere), check out my girl from college with a report on the Taste.


Mchicago said...

We wish you had visited the Eli's Cheesecake Booth as well!

Come visit us this summer at Eli's Cheesecake World on Chicago's north side this summer----Thursday Farmers Market with Wright College and September Eli's Cheesecake Festival.

Best wishes,

Marc Schulman
Eli's President

T said...

Hey Marc,

I work in PR and completely appreciate your hustle. Email me and let me know who does Eli's PR. Also, send me some more information and maybe I'll do a post on the above events. I have the biggest sweet tooth!

antithesis said...

aww, im so jealous. i never make it to those things. glad you were able to make it in.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm soooo sad I missed the Taste. i was there too. :-(

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I mean I was in Chicago.