Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Quick/Question of the Day

So I recently found out via a popular social networking site that one of [insert descriptor here]'s finest is married. Not boo-ed up, not engaged, ALL THE WAY MARRIED. It was a sad day when I got that information. He was one of those dudes who everyone just agreed is fine. There was no argument about it, no discussion, just plain accordance with his general fineness and sexiness overall.

This is the dude that though you never even put a bid in, you were hoping he'd stay single forever and casually cross your path at a Walgreens or Target and elect to stay in touch. This is the dude who no MATTER what his wife looks/acts/talks or thinks like, you're convinced, she'll never be good enough. This dude is like the local Denzel of my generation.

I mean, I got emails, phone calls, social networking site messages and some face to face updates on the sadness equals this brother being off the market. Like I said, it was a sad day.

Don't get me wrong, marriage and family get one point. But the female gender in general is in a serious deficit. Big ups to his wife, you are indeed a blessed woman.

Which brings me to the question of the day. [now, this can be a rhetorical question as well, so don't go putting all your business out there in my comment section]. Did you ever find out someone (who you don't even really know or talk to) was married and your heart just dropped? For example, even though Nicole Ari Parker is SO pretty and deserving, I still can't help but be sad that Boris Kodjoe is off the market.


Que.P said...

Girl yes, I know that feeling all too well.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! I know what you mean. Even when you know that you would probably never have the opportunity with a particular guy, but just to know that that option is gone is so sad.

That Nicole Ari Parker is soooooo blessed!

Btw, I wish I could see you the guy you're referring to!! He sounds too fine!

ThummyB said...

Without a doubt we've all had those moments. Hell...they might not even be might just catch wind of some other form of wackness (domestic violence, substance abuse, a propensity for the others) and end up heartbroken.

TatooTuesday said...

I wanna know who this dude is too... No Homo!