Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Real Quick

Side Note: I see you Donatella

Now Real Quick: I wonder what it's like to leave work on time everyday and with a feeling of accomplishment. Like you finished everything you set out to do and are proud of the quality of work you produced (i.e. you weren't rushed).

Does anyone know what that feels like? It must be nice... like a Klondike bar or something.

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Que.P said...

I have no idea what that feels like. There is ALWAYS something that'll get finished tomorrow, even on days where I miss class because I worked late.

I use to know that feeling 2 and a half yrs ago when I was a new hire. I use to take work home and finish it. Eventually, I began to feel like I was working all day everyday. So I cut that mess out. Now I'm just satisfied with beating deadlines.