Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Question of the Day

So they have a computer purchase program at the job. You get $500 towards a computer and they claim that everyone at a certain level who applies will get it (I don't understand why you have to apply if everyone will get it). The problem is, they don't do reimbursement and the program won't be open until October. Now you saw how two posts ago I was super excited about getting a computer, now they're telling me to hold on four months and IF I'm approved I'll get the dough after the approval process. (So, it'll be more like Thanksgiving or maybe even Christmas before I get my new notebook).

So I think a wealthy person would wait on the money. I'm trying to be wealthy, so I might want to start acting like it now.

*whining* BUT I really want a computer NOW!

What should I do? (back your answer up with some convincing words, please. This is a tough one.)

As a follow-up to Tea's Tangents: Can folks tell me how MACs do with Microsoft programs? Like if I need to open docs for work? Have you all had problems? I checked in with the IT people, and they said as long as it's new, I should be good to go.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok do you have this little pledge from your company in writing? i would say get the computer now and get your money later from your company. If you have been stiffed in the past by your company then of course don't do it but otherwise don't stress. They have MS programs for the Mac and it works well but I have not accessed the files on a pc so I can't speak on that..sorry.
Get the computer-- you want it, you need it and you can use it...so get it!!!! If your company had not made this kind offer you would still get one right? So like NIKE just DO IT...you will thank yourself later
Product Junkie Diva

black_sun said...

PJD, she says in her post that the company WILL NOT reimburse her if she gets it now. So if she gets it now, she WILL NOT be able to take advantage of that great program and will be effectively be throwing away $500. Stop giving people bad advice.

With that said... T, I suggest you chill and wait until October. $500 is a lot of bread. Think of what you could get:

-Pay 1/2 your rent.
-You could make one lease payment on a Mercedes.
-You can get 16.6 pedicures at Pink Polish.
-It will buy an airline ticket to Miami/New York so you can party.
-You can payoff some credit card debt.
- Eat lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for like a whole straight.

T said...

I can't get reiumbursed. You have to apply, get approved, get the money, then buy the computer in that order.

It's an excellent company, so no, they've never stiffed me, LOL! But I've never used fringe benefit program that doesn't include a reimbursement. Usually, I pay and they pay me back, so this new program is just bananas to me.

So this is just a new ball game for me.

antithesis said...

1. i'm for waiting a little while for the incentive because that definately helps. especially with purchasing software packages and other accessories because the purchase of a laptp can quickly add up. i cant see myself turning down free money although i understand it being imparative that u get instant gratification because i am that way.

2. you can run windows on a mac if u feel it necessary. u can get the microsoft office for mac and use word, excel, etc. if u do not purchase that separately, i think those applications will open up in mac's versions of word processing, spreadsheets, etc. again, that has to be loaded separately. and to respond to an earlier concern, FB looks the same. pretty much all websites look exactly the same. i LOVE my MAC.

ThummyB said...

Just think of it as a Christmas present for yourself. Whenever I have to wait to get something that I really want, then I usually associate it with some milestone/day that I am celebrating. It makes you feel better about having to wait, and you feel 100% justified when you finally make the purchase.

T said...

Great advice all. I'm going to hang in there. Something major else major is going to be happening around Christmas, so I guess I'll give myself two gifts! :)

@ blk_sun, you can't be coming in here talking crazy to my guests who don't know you. I take no responsibility for the molly-whoppin' that's about to happen, if you keep this behavior up.

Rob Rose said...

I have two Macs and I have no problems "communicating" with the PC World. The new Macs run Windows XP or Vista and Microsoft Office for Macs is compatible with Office for Windows. MP3s (music) and JPEGs (pics) are universal formats and display on both machines. Also, I use Firefox as my default browser although Macs offer Safari and Internet Explorer.

I choose a Mac because I like the integrated music, movie and photo programs. I like that (widespread) viruses are not written for Macs. I like the ease of adding peripherals, i.e. not having to download drivers. I plugged in my digital camera and the Mac recognizes it and opens iPhoto. Simple!

Unless you have the extra dough, I say wait until October. "Free money" is worth the wait.

ThummyB said...

How do I not know about the other Christmas jump off? We're going to have to talk.

**note** TB feels insecure when left out of the loop :-P