Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going for the cheap

Side notes:
- Check out thummyb's commentary on the New Yorker (scroll down). She said it so well that I don't have to.
- I have about 30 bahamian mosquito bites. This SUCKS!!!

Now on to the topic at hand.

So there are several places in life I go for the cheap and most times I get what I pay for. For example:

- I pay $1.99 per clothing item at the cleaners and they often neglect to follow my jean-creasing instructions.
- I paid $388.80 for a round trip plane ticket to Nassau (the cheapest flight I could find) that included a 4-hour layover, which ended up being an 8-hour layover. As a bit more background on that flight, I was planning to use my American Airlines frequent flyer miles to go for FREE and was crushed when I found out I'd waited too late and would now have to purchase a ticket. $388.80 was the cheapest I could find, but cost SO much more than free that it was hard to even book that flight. Considering $500, $600 and even $1,000 direct flights or even flights with shorter layovers was not even an option for me because I was so blindsided by the fact that I had to make any purchase at all.

In these two instances, though I was heavily inconvenieced, I still think going for the cheap was the better choice. So what, I have to ask 82 times for a crease in my jeans. I still save over 50% of what I would pay at a regular cleaners and I think it's worth it. Yes, being in the D.C. airport for 8 hours sucked, but like antithesis and thummyb said yesterday 1) I still had a fabulous trip in the Bahamas 2) I made it home on the day I wanted to be home and 3) I made it safely. (For the record American Airlines cancelled most of their flights going out of D.C. as opposed to post-poning them the way USAirways did. If I'd decided to pay $600+ for an AA flight, I would have had to stay the night in D.C. and arranged for food, transport and accomodations there, which would have cost me more than the $200+ I saved flying USAirways).

So all of that to say when it comes to goods and services sometimes going for the cheap works out, if you can muster up enough patience.

My point of the day, however, is that "going" for the cheap with people, is a bad decision. Sure Reggie Bush, Mos Def and Ice Tea did it, (made a hoe into a housewife...) but given our regular salaries and non-celebrity reputations, can we, as normal civilians afford to go for the cheap when it comes to the opposite sex? My vote is no and I bet everyone that comments is going to agree. However, for those lurking, comment-free, before your next "go," please consider what it'd be like to be as inconvenieced as I was at the airport with someone who's last name you don't even know or who's list of partners is longer than T.I.'s wrap sheet.

So where do you go/have you gone for "the cheap"? Is it/was it worth it?


antithesis said...

oh heck no i cannot go for cheap when it comes to the opposite sex.

i distinctly recall spring break freshman year trying to go to orlando for the low-low. i believe i was taken advantage of by "friends" and therefore it was not worth it, nor was it really cheap in the end.

ThummyB said...

GIRL!!!!! These mosquito bites are no joke. How did the oatmeal bath turn out?

ThummyB said...

My 'going for the cheap' contribution is the nail shop just outside of Chinatown. I would prefer to go to my fav South Loop nail shop, but the mani/pedi is $70. Instead I have to go to the Chinatown nail shop where I can get the mani/pedi for $38. In general, it is worth the amount that I save. They do a good job. The major difference is the atmosphere and the company. Until I'm a baller, I'll have to stick with the cheapie hook up.

T said...

The oatmeal bath was decent. The itch went away for about four hours after, then the itching started again. I bought some calamine lotion last night and dabbed it on all the bites. I looked like a had leprosy. I have on skinny jeans today (in 90 degree weather) so I can't scratch and work is pretty intense, so I can keep my mind off the itch, but BWOY, this is a mess.

Que.P said...

Is it still considered going for the cheap if that's the best you can do? I buy clothes from Target's clearance rack when I only have $30 to spend. If I have $100 I may go to Macy's clearance rack. But when I'm balling out of control, I may go to Needless Markups (best known as Neiman Marcus) or Lord and Taylor.

When it comes to the opposite sex, going for the cheap is SO not worth it. Especially considering that you might end up with a not-so-cheap and very permanent result called offspring.