Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Final Get it Right Report

What's up folks. We ship off to the Bahamas for Operation Wedded Bliss tomorrow and Operation Get it Right is in full effect! I've been having extra donuts with breakfast and fries with every meal. Yesterday I even took a nap after lunch. :)

Anyway, check out the photo. The before pic is me in August 2007 at my best friend's wedding. The after photo is this past weekend at the white party on the Spirit of Chicago. Now before you say something like, I don't see the weight gain or the pictures are different sizes, look at my nose and collar bone. In the before picture my bones are more profound. The after photos are um... meatier. LMAO!

So anyway, I'll be happy at any size (please believe that!), but my goal was to pick up a "little" weight for the wedding and the goal's been reached. I hope I don't lose it on the plane with those friggin' crackers they bring by like it's a meal or something.

P.S. I won't leave you all hanging while I'm on vacay. I learned how to set up automatic posts (thanks BGG!), so I'll be posting to teaandsuch like I'm still here.


ThummyB said...

Beautiful in both pics!!!!

antithesis said...

yay for you! have fun! i agree that you look great in both pics.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I agree with thummyb and antithesis, you look beautiful in both pictures!! I see you like strapless dresses, so do I! :-)

No problem about the automatic posts! I'm glad you can do it now.

Que.P said...

Congrats on your goal attainment. I need to set a goal myself, but definately not to gain. I just wanna get back into my size 10 clothes because being between sizes (b/n a 10 and a 12) is a b*tch.

TatooTuesday said...

Both pics are great. Pic 2 is my fav though!