Tuesday, July 1, 2008

East Lakeview Campaign #4

To recap, these are the reasons you should move to East Lakeview:
#2 North Avenue Beach
#3 Fall-off-ability

Now the newest reason to move to East Lakeview is:

Pink Polish

Located on Belmont just west of N. Sheridan, Pink Polish is a premier nail salon. The atmosphere is clean (and pink, of course) and they have a big screen TV that was playing Mean Girls while I was there, so I expect it'll be chick flicks on every go 'round. (LOVE IT!)

My pedicure was off-the-chain, complete with super buffing, a salt scrub and a hot towel treatment. It was followed by a shoulder massage while my toes dried AND to top it all off, they have a customer appreciation program. For every 10 visits you get a free manicure. Now that may seem like a lot of visits, but I'm a sucker for customer appreciation. How many nail salons have you been to with customer appreciation cards? I've been getting my nails done since 8th grade and this would be my first.

First time visitors also get a free bottle of scented cuticle softener as a parting gift and the women are SO NICE! I was trying to put my shoes back on and you should have seen the woman sprint over to make sure I didn't touch my own feet, messing up the flawless polish job.

To top it all off my pedicure was only $30! Now, for college students and folks in the south, that may seem like a lot of money, but I typically get my pedicures downtown Chicago, so anything under $40 makes me feel like I got away with armed robbery. (They also didn't give me a hard time about having a credit card, which so many shops do. I mean, the money's coming RIGHT from my bank account, I wish people would just get their credit card game up and stop huffing and puffing when I pull it out... I digress).

Fellas, forward this to your girl. You know she'll appreciate a good nail salon in the neighborhood. I will definitely be a regular customer here and I hope to see you all there soon... since you'll be moving. :)

What are you waiting for... PACK YOUR BAGS AND MOVE TO EAST LAKEVIEW!!!


Reese Johnson said...

sigh...i enjoy a manicure and pedicure. i mean my woman dont want me cutting her legs with razor sharp toenails (we know u hate feel :)) or having fingernails that are too long. and i always enjoy the longer looks i get from women in nail spots because they think im gay or one of those "down low" brothers cause im taking care of my hands and feet but i digress... Lakeview is sounding better and better. you may not be able to fall off if im out there, with the blackberry live bloggin it from brunch LOL.
(am i first :)?)

ThummyB said...

I have to take this opportunity to pub Polish, A Nail Lounge located in the heart of the south loop (http://www.polishlounge.com/main.htm). Lakeview isn't the only place to get 1st class treatment :-P

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Aww, man!! I wish I had known about "Pink Polish!" I was all on the Northside during my trip home. I ended up going to a nail shop that I absolutely HATED!!! This sounds like a place that I would definitely frequent.

Off subject, email me if you still want to know how to set up automatic posts...I forgot you mentioned that on BGG.

Reese Johnson said...

polish is good, ive been there, nice lookin women in there always