Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quiet Time

I haven't posted in a couple of days, which is so unlike me as of late. I have about 10 drafts that are cute little filler topics - you know things to post up on days that I don't have hot topics to write about or time to elaborate on a hot topic.

Given my busy - well busier - schedule, I don't even want to use the brain power it takes to come up with a hot topic (which isn't a lot of brain power at all really).

So that's where you come in. Like Antithesis, I'd like you to tell me what you want me to blog about and I'll honor some requests. I say "some" because I already know a couple of people are going to hit me up with private facebook messages about some ignorant ish I SHOULD write about. Given the delivery type (private fb msg), I already know Iaintgunbeabultadoit!

So anyway, what would you like to hear tea's thoughts on?

Side note: blk_sun, I saw your question. I do not have a satisfactory answer RIGHT now, but tomorrow, I should be able to give an answer that'd make me proud. :) (hopefully).


antithesis said...

i would like u to do a product review because i know whether u liked it or not, you will say something hilarious.

i can't think of anything else to blog about....that's y ive been doing so many or those lately.

ThummyB said...

You have a really strong relationship with God, so I think that could be inspirational.

I also agree on the product reviews as long as there is a balance of positive and negative.

I would say that you could do a 'Sex in the City' style dating column, but I don't know how anonymous it would be. I know you don't really want your business out there, nor do I or any other close friends...maybe you can talk about co-workers and other personal and professional acquaintances.

You could also go the YBF route and critique pics/stories about celebs.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hmm...I would like to hear more about dating. Since I am off the market, it's interesting to hear about people's dating stories. So a Sex & the City type of commentary would be great!

black_sun said...

Please no SATC commentary. You have too many friends and family on here to put your biz out like that. And talkin about other ppl's dating lives is just gonna bring drama. Trust me.

The only person that seems to have any sense around here,