Monday, June 23, 2008

Fitness Updates

Since I last gave an update...

Thursday - (Nothing, but I got a free pass from all of Tuesday's activity).
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - 30 minute dance class, 10 minutes of weights (if 1.75 Liter margarita jars can be considered weights)
Sunday - 10 minutes of chair lifting (in and out of thummyb's crib, hard work, I swear)
Monday - 10 minutes of Pilates

Thanks for keeping me on my grind.

I am, however, trying to gain some weight before R&P's wedding, so I don't have to get this dress tailored. I think 3 or 4 good pounds would get me fitting it right and tight. :)

***Update. I wrote this before I actually did my 10 minutes for today in hopes that it would motivate me to do it. I got on my pilates mat and turned on the DVD and everything... Iaintgunbeabultadoit. It might be that cake and ice cream I had earlier... Oh well.***


antithesis said...

keep drinking those margaritas and u will pack on the pounds. good job staying active!

Product Junkie Diva said...

You are moving and getting your body into the rhythm of being active so that is great.
Product Junkie Diva

ThummyB said...

LOL! I love those nights where you get all set to work out and then just say "Naaaah!"

How are we polar opposites...ALWAYS? For us to be such good friends, our lives should be more aligned than they actually are. I am trying to lose about 3 or 4 good pounds (and failing miserably) before the wedding so that my dress will fit comfortably after the $1100 worth of food and drinks that I plan to consume. Pray for me, friend.

mr. keep you on your grind said...

I don't think so T.

Okay, now the 10 minutes of weights on Saturday doesn't count b/c I'm pretty sure your weight lifting only consisted of you carrying the Margarita jars to the party you had Saturday night. The Sunday chair lifting doesn't count either as you were helping a friend run an errand. You can't count every single task that requires you to use a muscle as a work out T. The purpose of a fitness regimen is to do EXTRA work outside of normal daily physical activity so you burn more calories and lose weight.

T said...

Man, you trippin. Carrying margarita liters from Jewel to the car, then the car to the house party is hard work. They're on the second floor of a walk-up. That's not regular work.

AND AND I wasn't helping a friend run an errand, so much. It was something we both had to do as co-hosts of the madness, not something I would typically do.

BUT, even if it doesn't count, I still did 30 minutes of cardio on Saturday, so that handles, Saturday, Sunday and Monday...

AND I'm trying to gain weight, so this whole little fitness shebang may have to cease.