Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fitness Updates

First off, I'm in a ridiculous type of good mood right now. It's 8:29 p.m. and I'm still at work and surprisingly not pissed about it....

I know, weird.

I think it's because my phone finally came and I have numbers I wanted to get and have made calls I wanted to make successfully. Yeah, that must be it. (For those of you not on fb, my phone broke Sunday night. Long story short: new one should have been here yesterday, but it wasn't and I was LIVID. I couldn't even write about it though, given the cabbie-po-po incident. Oh well.)

So anyway, blk_sun asked for a fitness update since last Thursday, here goes.

Thursday - Nothing
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Nothing
Monday - 30 minutes of cardio at LVAC, 20 minutes of pilates at the crib (Gets me up to my 50 allocated minutes for Th-Mo)
Tuesday - 15-20 minutes of walking home from jail
Wednesday - I'm about to do 10 minutes of pilates when I get home, which I don't even HAVE to do given the rigorous activity from yesterday. This will get me a free pass to not workout tomorrow, since I have thangs to do after work. (And hopefully I'll leave before 8:30 tomorrow... hopefully).

Lastly, I'm CLEARLY taking the bus home. CLEARLY.


antithesis said...

the bus is a good choice. as far as the workout, ur doing great compensating. as know i didnt do anything in the traditional sense so i didnt post today. i probably wont post tomorrow either. just a head's up. but i am doing something, just nothing worth mentioning.

ThummyB said...

How have you been enjoying LVAC? Joya gave me some guest passes that they gave her when she switched over, so we can workout together a couple of times this summer (if I can find a park).

T said...

You know what, I'm not a big fan of LVAC. I actually liked your gym better because everything was in one room. LVAC is like a high rise, so weights on one floor, ellipticals on one floor, pool on one floor, etc.

I haven't tried the classes yet (no time), but once I do, I'll keep you posted.

Their customer service is awesome though. And you know your girl is a sucker for good customer service. They have free swimming instructional classes, which if I can find some time, I may take. Since my hair is not an issue anymore, it couldn't hurt to get my stroke in order. :)

T said...

Oh and they have TVs on all the machines, which isn't a bad deal. :)

ThummyB said...

Love the TVs on the machines. I only ever get that in hotels, but it is great every time.