Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok, let's talk about feet. If you know me personally you know I HATE the way feet look. I don't like my feet, I don't like your feet, I don't like people touching me with their feet. I'm not even a big fan of baby's feet, put some shoes on them bad boys.

I was once in a relationship and asked my man to wear socks around me. (He knew his feet were ugly, but in retrospect, I probably should have been nicer so as not to hurt his FEELINGS, better blk_sun?)

Whatever, I don't like feet. They're the closest thing to the dirty, nasty, filthy ground (and I say this living in one of the cleanest metropolitan areas in the country). [Most] feet stink and they look like little gremlins coming out of your ankles.

My mom even told me as a child: "All feet are ugly, just some more than others." LOL (I got it honest, I can't make this ish up).

Given my disgust with the aestetics of feet, I will say I am grateful for my feet and take VERY good care of them because a general dislike for feet is one thing, but unkempt feet are something totally different.

Every year that "pinky toes up" email forward comes around talking about I will not have my heels rough, I will polish all my toes, I will cut and maintain my toenails, etc, etc. People forward that bad boy, but they don't REALLY take the pledge. I saw this white woman on the bus with ashy heels (so you know that's a new level of crusty) and chipped polish (which I HATE), and she had the NERVE to have on slingback peep toe pumps. REALLY, crusty woman? You live in Chicago and mean to tell me you couldn't find a closed toe shoe to cover up the hideousness that is your feet?

In closing,

Quote of the day:
T, I can't even describe it to you, but all I can say is she had the ASHIEST back-of-ankle I have ever seen.
- Mike

Question of the day:
What in the matchless name of JESUS possesses people to have their dirty, stinky, crusty, ashy, chipped polish, hammer toed, fungus having feet out on public display? Get a pedicure OR PUT THAT ISH AWAY!!! UGH!


Product Junkie Diva said...

"I'm not even a big fan of baby's feet, put some shoes on them bad boys."
LOL even the little ones dang.....
you're tough lol
I have a friend who feels the same way, that feet will always be the ugliest part of a person. I think feet can be so nice if people take care of them properly. They get me from place to place so I'm
Product Junkie Diva

ThummyB said...

Haha. One of my co-workers from Houston is like that. She makes her husband wear socks to bed.

Anywho - I have pretty feet, which certainly do not look like gremlins...but rather like the roots of a flower...spreading and bonding with mother nature to support the beautiful bloom above. LOL!

However, this post solidified my decision to get my nails done again next weekend in ATL. I was debating it, but its a sure thing now.

antithesis said...

i cant answer your question but i dont like feet either! baby feet are ok but yea, feet are the worst.

for the flour heel lady: that's never ok!

don't ever think you can show your feet to innocent, unsuspecting bystanders!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

People never cease to amaze me when it comes to their ugly feet. I guess some folks have no shame! LOL

Don't ever wear flip-flops in New York. OMG, the streets are so filthy. When I first got here I wore a pair of flip-flops one day and when I got home my feet were so dirty! This is one dirty city, that's for sure.

Chicago here I come! Btw, next week I might not be able to post on Tea & Such because I'll be in Chicago on a much needed vacay. :-) I'm still not sure if I'm going to do automatic posts for BGG.

ANyway, enjoy your weekend!

T said...

@ pjd, you know I'm exaggerating about the babies... well most of 'em

@ thummy - I'm sure you love your feet and **saying it like the boss on the office** THAT'S GREAT, but uh... I stand by my comments.

@ antithesis - LMAO @ unsuspecting bystanders

@ bgg - YAY! I'll miss you online, but I'm glad you're coming home. It's absolutely the place to be in the summer time. :)

blk_sun said...

Apparently I am alone on my position because I never really notice people's feet. Now before I continue, let me set the record straight: I dislike feet and I do not want ANYONE's feet touching any part of me above my ankles. Yes, all feet are filthy and should only touch other equally filthy feet.

With that said, I would like to state that because I don't care for feet, I think I have somehow subconsciously trained myself to avoid seeing them. When I'm looking at someone I start from the top down usually stopping at the knees. IF everything is good by the time I get to the knees, I may sometimes continue southward and notice their shoes, but I never look below the knees long enough to really analyze their foot (much less their toenail polish, WTF). I never could understand why people who dislike feet are always looking at them.

T said...

"I would like to state that because I don't care for feet, I think I have somehow subconsciously trained myself to avoid seeing them."

That's hilarious!

I think deep down I would like to like feet, which is why I'm so fixated on them, but it never fails that some crust bucket comes around with their feet looking like baking soda on stilts and I just stick to my original disgust.

Anonymous said...

So funny, you all...

You would not make it a day in my family then. My mom, my older sister and me, plus my two daughters (even the one month old) all HAVE to sleep with our feet touching someone. It's a comfort thing. I don't know how Im going to sleep for the next couple of weeks without someone to put my feet on while my hubby is away. lol

Also, in Mississippi, that tool that scrapes muck* (a.k.a. foot crust) off of your heels is considered to be a "medical tool" so they can't use it in nail salons at all. So you pay like $40 bucks for a pedi, and once that cheap pink lotion dries, your heels are as crusty as they were when you first went in there. Needless to say, I drive to Tennessee to get my feet taken care of.

K.C. said...

OK, so this post had me laughing out loud in my own house so much that my kids came running in here.

Never thought that much about feet, but now, I guess I will. I guess I am around folks that just take care of theirs. Sorry you had a run in with some nastiness...

This was hilarious! Kayce

kay* said...

oh my gosh! i hate feet too! (all except babies feet when they are under about 10 months old or so!) i don't like people touching my feet in any kind of way, i don't like feet on my feet (ew!), i don't and will NOT touch other peoples feet and i hate putting my feet where other peoples feet have on a swimming pool deck! you will NEVER catch me without flip a shower at a hotel - i don't care if it's 10star i WILL where flipflops in the shower...a bit extreme maybe but that's just me :o)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nothing more indeliabkle to me
than a womans
and feet

T said...

K.C., Kay* and all-mi-t, Welcome! Glad you stopped by.

@ Kay* you are a woman after my own heart. I've been able to forego the shower shoes and convince myself that it's ok. However, I always carry socks in my purse when I travel because I refuse to have my bare feet on the same nasty airport floor that other people's bare feet have been on. Um... sickening!