Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What does that have to do with me?

Many of you who know me personally are used to me asking one rhetorical question about people who get on my nerves.

Usually, it's some sort of "customer service" "professional" who is neither good at working with customers, not professional who has an attitude about his or her position at that company.

i.e. She's about to get off work, so she was mad at me when I came into the airport excited at 5 a.m. (What does that have to do with me?)

He's upset that he drives a CTA bus, so he's mad that I ran to the bus and he had to open the door back up instead of speeding through the yellow light (What does that have to do with me?)

She's mad that she gets off at 11 p.m., but I called at 10:45 and it's taken her 30 minutes to resolve my issue. (What does that have to do with me?)

Yeah, you've guessed it. I'm not very sympathetic to people not doing their jobs correctly or even happily, because I don't have the option to be disgruntled at work. Quit if you don't like it, that's how I feel.

Now that may be an elitist attitude, which brings me to the topic at hand.

This election is baffling to me. Most of the things that are being discussed have nothing to do with me. While I'm an intelligent individual and realize that decisions made now will affect me in the future, I still can't really get next to any of the issues this year.

CLEARLY, I LOVE Barack Obama and volunteer tirelessly for the campaign. I talk to people about his stances on the issues that affect them, but have nothing to do with me. Here are a few of the HOT topics in the news and on the campaign trail and how they have nothing to do with me.

1. Gas prices
- I don't own a car.
- When I drive for work, the company gets the bill.
- When I drive for pleasure, I use I-go cars and I-go pays for gas.

Now I realize the high cost of gas has affected cab rides (a $1 service fee added to every cab ride in Chicago), plane ticket prices, the cost of food and the cost of other commodities.

However, this does not affect my bottom line the way it does for a majority of Americans who rely heavily on their cars.

2. Healthcare Costs
- I have a job that provides healthcare. If I quit or get fired, they have to offer me the same rates that they get and I'll just pay the rates on my own (instead of it being highly-subsidized the way it is right now). It's a pretty sweet deal.

Again, I realize that should I become termninally ill, by sweet health insurance MAY not cover all the coverage I need, but how can I focus my attention to that cause when it doens't affect me directly right now.

3. National Security
- Of course, this affects me on a larger level, but I happen to believe that everything happens for a reason and if someone's going to attack us (ahem 9/11), there's really nothing we can do about it. Am I going to send letters to elected officials to ask them to further violate me at the airport security checkpoint. Probably not.

I'm going to just send up a prayer everytime my flight takes off and if something tragic happens to me, please know that's what God had in his plans and I love you all dearly. [Sorry to be so morbib, but that's how I feel]

4. Education Costs
- I don't have any kids and I already went to college. They charged me too much and I'm paying it back. My concern is more with the interest rates. If those could continue to come down, that'd be great!

5. The Mortgage Crisis
- I am a RENT-ER. I love it. When I become financially and mentally prepared to purchase a home [June 2009, stay tuned], I'm going to do my research and I doubt I'll be in a foreclosure type of situation. If I am, I don't necessarily think it's the government's job to bail me out. (Note: I haven't been paying as much attention to this as I have to some of the other hot topics, so I can't remember if this is due to loaners being dishonest or people just biting off more than they can chew).


antithesis said...

all the things you mentioned may not affect you directly, that is true. but they affect you indirectly. the people around you are affected by these issues and how they choose to react to adverse situations will bring it to your doorstep. im not scolding you for not caring, because i understand where you are coming from. but its still important to be conscious of it, which i see you are.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I agree with Antithesis. These things may not affect you directly, but ultimately and unfortunately they affect us all.

Good luck for your upcoming home purchase. I dream of the day when I can buy property. Renting sucks, at least here in NY where the rent is SKY HIGH for no good reason!